Thought I'd post a little tribute to my sister, Kris, as today is her 37th birthday. My sister has been there for me my entire life. When mom was working, sis was there. When I was scared to sleep alone at night, sis was there. When we lost our dad, she was there. As the years have passed she continues to be there, never ceasing to be an endless source of strenght and encouragement.

I wrote this poem for my sister several years ago while struggling with infertility. I'm not sure how, but she always seemed to know what I need. Most times, it was just someone to "be there" and to listen.

A Friend Like No Other
For my sister, who has been my unfailing source of strength

My light in the darkness, moon in the sky,
Beacon of hope, when hard times come by.
My strength to press on, when weakness is nigh,
Willing to wipe, each tear from my eye.
Lends her hand to lift up, each time I’m down,
No other like she, I ever have found.
Thinks first not of self, but needs such as mine,
Always willing to help or give of her time.
A friend like no other, I’ve oft’ called her this,
But most of the time, I just call her Sis.

Happy Birthday, Sis! I love you.


Jodie said...

That is beautiful, Sue! I also have a Sis. She has always been a source of strength to me during all my hard times. Happy birthday to your Sister!

Wondering when you will find us said...

Sue- That brought tears to my eyes!!! You are a great poet! I wish I had a sister! It's great you have her!Happy Birthday sis!

terilynnh2000 said...

Ahh! That is so sweet!!! :) Tell her Happy Birthday! Although, she might kill you for posting her age!!