A Look Back

Looking forward to a busy weekend!  We didn't think we'd get around to this trip after just getting back from Tennessee, but how could we resist.  Not when those huge dark eyes light up and sparkle at the near mention of Elmo!  Even Alex has been begging for months to take Cullen to Sesame Place.  So off we go.  

I also couldn't help but to take a walk down memory lane and look back on our first trip to Sesame, and the following year when we eagerly returned.  I think I am just as excited as the kids!!!

Gabi and Alex- Sesame Place 2005

Weren't they adorable!  And those were the days when they actually let us dress them.  And of course they had matching Sesame ensembles for each day we visited.

And the following summer- 2006


Family Times

These pictues were taken a few weeks ago during an impromtu campfire. With everyone's busy schedules, it doesn't seem like we get the whole family together very often. But it just happened to work out that everyone was available last minute. Good times just relaxing and catching up with everyone. Cullen was already in bed, but here are some photos of the rest of the gang.

Amy & Trey Snuggling by the fire, Roger in the background.

Shawn and Allie roasting a marshmellow, Uncle Pat & Aunt Vicky in the background.

Kaitlin& Grandma

Chris & Kristine

Chris enjoying a burnt marshmellow. Yuck.

Adorable Lilly

Our smouldering fire.

Light sabers.

Alex & Kaitlin in their "fort".


Barking Baby Boy

Yes that's right, barking. Seems our boy has the croup. He started on Wed night with a low grade fever. Had a deep and raspy voice on Thursday and then the bark started last night. So it was off to the docs today.

Although he acts under the weather, I wouldn't classify him as miserable. Hopefully it gets better quickly and he won't ever reach that point.

The good news is that I get to spend the whole night snuggling with my boy. He is afterall the world's best snuggler! And at nearly 18 months old, he doesn't stop long enough to do much of it these days.

BTW....our house is DONE! I will post pics later this weekend.