Small Moments

Since I'd love to get back into blogging again, I thought I would participate in this weeks Open Adoption Roundtable.

This weeks writing, a "small moment made possible by open adoption".

My moment happened the day I met my son.

Unlike with the adoption of my daughter, 4 years earlier, his was a much more open adoption. And because of this, I was able to meet his firstmom. We spent five hours with one another in the hospital on the day of discharge. We shared many laughs and tears.

My moment came during our good-bye.

A hug that captured a world of emotion.

It was as if silently we held a full conversation.

Her to me, how much she loved her child. How she would miss him and think of him every day of his life. Begging us to take good care of him and to always tell him of her love.

Me to her, thanking her for trusting us with her precious son. Promising to be the best parents to him that we knew how. Letting her know that she would always be loved and that he too would know of her love.

We then just stared into one another's eyes, Mother to Mother. That moment created a forever seal between she and I. Words were not necessary. I knew that there was no other woman on earth that loved my son as much as I did. But her.


We're Back!!!

We are back from our trip to Tennessee! I won't even attempt to share all of the photos we took, but here is one shot of the three families. Reardons, Henicks and Waits.
The trip down was surprisingly uneventful. Alex was a real champ, took all her meds and didn't get sick at all. It also helped that we drove both ways through the night. And Cullen was a trooper too even despite having his nap schedule essentially demolished.

The first night and a half, we stayed at the Christmas hotel. Alex LOVED the Christmas theme that could be seen throughout every inch of the hotel. She especially enjoyed the cookies and milk with Santa each night. And, though not so toddler friendly, we had the most beautiful and ornately decorated Christmas tree right in our room!
The hotel also had a pool, which the kids really enjoyed. Even I, gladly entered the waters. You know it must be over 90 degrees for Sue to go swimming!

Our cabin was wonderful. 2 master bedrooms, living room, dining, kitchen, game room, 3 decks, hot tub, etc. The view was incredible, though the drive was a rather hair raising experience. Some of the hills were 40 degree inclines with many sharp twists and turns. We also experienced some excitement when a black bear decided to join us for some steak dinner. It was fun watching him from above. Then another paid a visit one morning right outside our door. We had to wait a few minutes to leave the cabin as he was circling the dumpster next to our van.
The first night was also spent with some special guests. Gabi's birth grandma (Kathy) and two of Gabi's bio-sisters (Ashley & Erica) joined us for the night. It was such a treat and Kathy soon became "Grandma" to all. Cullen took to her particularly well and spent the second dinner literally hanging onto her. The kids all enjoyed the water rides at Dollywood's Splash Country.
On Sunday we did some shopping and eventually landed at the Dixie Stampede. Everyone enjoyed the show! And we were really surprised at how much Cullen enjoyed all of the dinner shows. He laughed, danced, clapped and screeched the entire time.
On Tuesday we visited an area in the National Park called Cade's Cove. Alex was having major wardrobe issues that day (hated her shirt) and refused to cooperate with the first half of the pictures. I told her how many wonderful pictures we had of Cullen, and so few of her. Since she has a wicked case of siling rivalry, she then decided to play American's Next Top Model the rest of the trip.
Wednesday, my birthday, was a lot of fun. We spent the morning at Ripley's Aquarium. I was surprised at how much both of my kids loved the aquarium. For lunch, we stopped at some Cantina style Mexican place. We were all dying for Mexican. Anything to not be served fritteres and country fried "meat of ones choice". And dinner was great! We all came back to the cabin. Teri and Jen threw a little party and we indulged in Filet Mignon and Chocolate cake! Good times.
Thursday we did some outlet shopping and the the BlackBear Jamboree at night. Again, the kids LOVED the show. After dinner, Alex and Gabi mined for their own gems, which was fun.
Friday, our last day, was pretty low key. More shopping, packing, shopping, dinner and then the Comedy Barn. A complete collection of photos can be found on my shutterfly page.

Of course, the best part of the trip was seeing our dear friends Shane and Jen again. It's hard to believe it was nearly 3 yrs since our last trip. 3 year and 3 babies later! It was wonderful to finally meet Emma and to see how much Hannah has grown. Now if we can only talk Mr Shane into a trip up North next summer!