Canadian Fun

Shawn had to work in Niagara Falls from Thurs thru Saturday this week. We intended on visiting him Friday night, and one thing led to another. In the end, the Henick's decided to join us and we had a great impromtu getaway. We even decided to at the last minute to do the indoor water park.


Brown Eyed Boy

Teri took this picture of Cullen last night and I had to steal it from her blog. I may be partial, but I don't ever think I've seen a more beautiful baby!!!


The Road to Cullen

Just as I did with Alex, I finally got around to jounaling the path that led us to Cullen. It's too long to paste the entire document, but his story can be found here. In addition there is also a link over to the left that will stay on this page.


The Other Side of the Story

It seems many of us have been blessed with new little wee ones these past few months. We have spent much time celebrating these new arrivals. But as with many things in life...there are often two sides. And it is always wise to have perspective, so let us also remember the other side.


My nights were broken
Split by the wail
of my phantom baby’s cries
Half asleep I would stumble
to the crib that wasn’t there

Aware now
I would return to my bed
With empty, aching, arms

I wondered as I hugged my pillow close
And rocked myself to sleep if you were out there
Truly crying
If your cries had somehow traveled to me
If you were now being rocked and comforted by another

Or if those tears
And cries
were welling up from a place deep inside me
And spilling into my dreams.

~Brenda Romanchik

For each and every adoptive family that I celebrate with, my heart also goes out to the women (and men) that make it possible for us to become parents. We thank you. And we do not forget you.


4 Month Check-up

Cullen had his 4 month check-up today and along with it a set of shots. Poor little guy. Of course he screamed and of course it tore my heart out. But nothing a quick bottle and a kiss from sister couldn't cure.

At 4 months, he is 16 lbs 11oz and 25.5 inches long. Only in the 70th or so percetnile, but still a giant compared to his petite sister who was 13 lbs 6 oz at that age!

Ok, now we are off to Carrabba's for dinner and my mom's house for cake. Hopefully the little guy isn't terribly fussy!



It arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so excited (and surprised) when I opened the mail on Saturday and found Cullen's passport!

And did I mention that I got lengthy apologies from individuals with both the town and clerks office. :-)

80 more days til finalization......and 121 til Disney!!! Yippeeee.


Happy 4th!

July 4th is one of my favorite days of the year! It was always filled with tradition as a child. My uncle lived on the parade route, so we would get to his house early in the morning before they closed the roads. The entire family would spend the day camping out in his yard, watching the parade, kids running around, burgers grilling. It always ended with the town firework display that could be seen from his backyard. Although my uncle has long passed, the house has been sold, we have moved out of the area...we come back every year for the parade. It is the best one in town!

Then afternoons and evenings are spent at The Spirit of America, which our church hosts. You stake your claim on a plot of grass and spend the night listening to music, eating 50 cent cotton candies and snow cones and catching up with old friends. The kids enjoy pouncing on a vast array of inflatables and getting their faces painted. And of of course, ending the night with the best fire works in town. There is nothing like watching an explosive display of colorful fireworks accompanied by moving partiotic music. Makes me so proud to live in this country we call the US of A!

Go Red, White and Blue!!!!