A Girl's Best Friend

As you probably know well, Alex is very much into hair, makeup, dress-up and accessorizing. Most little girls use dolls and some even those life size barbie heads as their subjects. Not my daughter. It seems Chloe is her new muse. Happy to just be given attention, Chloe allows Alex to do just about anything. Let's see...so far Alex has made Chloe into a ghost, cowgirl, fairy and most recently something the likes of Tammy Faye Baker. Yes, while Mommy was grocery shopping and Daddy was "watching" Alex she decided to make Chloe "pretty". So Alex took purple kid's lipstick and nail polish to Chloe's entire head and back. She was so proud, parading around her masterpiece! Too bad my camera was out of batteries.


Cause We're Comin' to Your City

Last night Shawn and I had the chance to see Big & Rich at Seneca Niagara Casino. We won last minute tickets!!! We thought either they'd be really good seats, or really bad. We lucked out and got the 8th row. What a show!!! To have just a fraction of their energy. It was awesome!!!

We also won about $200 on the slots.

Of course I will be dragging today as I couldn't get Shawn out of there last night and had to get up at an ungodly hour this morning to get the house ready for another last minute appointment...our bank appraisal.

Just thought I'd share a few pics. The clarity isn't the greatest, but I have yet to figure out how to take good concert photos.


My Valentines


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. And snow it has! Today's storm dropped a hefty load of flakes. Shoveled the driveway 3x so far today and there are several more inches covering it again. And now that the snow asscociated with the storm is passing, they say lake effect will kick in and continue through tonight and tomorrow. Gotta love living a mile from Lake Ontario!

My poor little tree shown above is buried. And I went to let the poor dogs out to go to the bathroom this afternoon and when I opened the gate I found this. Looks like about 18 inches and still coming down.



Looks like we are one step closer to "Little One"! We came through the engineer inspection without any major issues so it appears we are all set. The realtor updated the sign today! (Had to get a quick pic now, since who knows how much of it will still be showing after the big storm hits.)


Home Inspection

I am dying! I have no idea why I am so worked up, but I'm a wreck. They have been at my house now for an hour doing the home inspection and I am a disaster. You know the commercial "indigestion, upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea". Well, I feel like I may have all three at a moment's notice.

What if the buyers come back today and think, "what the heck were we thinking". What if they no longer see the beauty and old world charm of a 1940's home? What if instead, they see older drafty window, an old furnace, a not-so-new roof?

UGH! I can barely stand the suspense of whether this is all going to go through!!!!!!


Hate to Jinx it

I hate to jinx it, but we HAVE AN OFFER on the house!!!! Woo hoo. And it is a great offer!

Now we just wait on pins and needles to make sure it all goes through with the engineer inspection, attorneys and banks.

Fingers still crossed.