Houston, TX

Well so far the trip has been much more enjoyable than I'd expected. Flights were pretty uneventful, except for getting really bad motion sickness on the last leg. And what's up with that? Who gets motion sick on a plane. I'd never gotten car sick and now twice in the last month I have. And now the plane? Just weird. (And no, I am most certainly NOT pregnant!)

But anyways. I got in late last night, or more accurately, very early this morning. Hotel is very nice. Clean. Comfortable. Free internet. Fridge. Micro. And most importantly, adjacent to Cantina Laredo: Gourmet Mexican Food. Yum. Apparently these Texans like good food! It's all anyone talks about down here. Not that I'm complaining.

So the class. The whole reason I'm down here. Introduction to Energy Trading and Hedging. What they meant to say was "sign up for our class if you are a CEO or CFO of a large energy related corporation or if you hold multiple degrees in Engineering and Economics"! Seriously, the only other attendees were attorneys from both the IRS and PSC. All them, an ME. And the material, lemme just say WOW. But the most amazing part is that I have been able to keep up with most of the material. Will I remember it by the time I return? Heck no. But at least I haven't shown myself to be a complete idiot, yet.

And Daddy is doing quite well back home with the kiddos, which has allowed me to relax a bit for a change. Talked to both Alex and Cullen several times. I was even able to sing Cullen's usually good night songs to him.

Now? Some Facebooking. Checking on Blogs. Catching the repeat of the Army Wives episode I missed last night. A little reading. Then bed!


Big Boy

My baby is growing up!

Cullen was 18 months old last Friday. It's just not fair. He was supposed to be my baby. And being our last...he was supposed to stay a baby. At least for awhile. But Cullen will hear of no such thing. And just as his sister did, he felt that 18 months was long enough for the crib! He was a big boy and he wanted out.

So while in NY last weekend, he decided to climb out of the pack-n-play. And once we returned home, he did the same with his crib.

This weekend we went shopping for a big boy bed, but his set won't be in for up to 10 weeks. So we borrowed Grandma's toddler bed yesterday and tried it out.

We could not believe that Cullen got right in and slept the entire night without getting out once! We were sooooo proud of him. Now let's hope tonight goes as well!


My Baby Girl

Today my baby started First Grade. I am still trying to figure out where the time has gone.

I had the first day jitters big time. Even down to the nightmares last night. I don't think I caught a wink of good sleep! Alex was fine though. Very exctied. Anxious to see some of her friends and her dear Mrs W (her classroom aide that moved up with her). She was also very excited to wear a fancy dress. Nothing short of a holiday dress was going to cut it for her today. So this was our best compromise. I'm glad I caved. She was so proud of how she looked. And giving her self confidence may just be the most important thing I could offer her. (And yes, she insisted on the oversized bow as well.)


Ready or Not?

Most definitely Not.

School starts in under a week and I couldn't be less ready.  I mean what is so exciting about having to have two kids ready and out the door by 7am?  Not much.

But it is just around the corner and will be here whether I am ready or not.

The one thing that makes me most nervous is that we have had a wonderful and PEACEFUL summer.  We have had our share of incidents, but nothing like last school year brought.

But this is a new year and hoping for new and better experiences.

The first step toward making that happen was getting in with a child psychologist and trying to figure out what exactly is going on with Alex.  Which we've begun.  And today, an official diagnosis.

So here's to hoping First Grade is a huge success!!!!