A Fresh New Look

Thought is was time for a makeover for both myself and the blog!

Before and After



I am so angry that I can barely type of form a complete thought!!!! You may remember me mentioning that we needed to obtain a passport for Cullen to take him on the Disney Cruise with us this Fall. Well, I talked to the adoption agency in TX (who we used for his adoption) and they sent us all the paperwork we should have needed. Although we don't yet have his amended Birth Certificate, supposedly we should be able to apply based on these legal documents from the agency. TX assured me they do it on a weekly basis for families and that it was no problem what so ever.

Fast forward to this afternoon.......
Shawn and I literally got kicked out of the Greece Town Hall. We had three inches of documentation proving who we were and who Cullen was. In short, she basically accused us of stealing a baby off the street and falsifying documentation. We got the TX legal dept on the phone and the clerk refused to speak with them.

Now I understand that she has likely never faced this request, so I was willing to be patient. But we clearly had everything that the government website said we needed, including proof of US citizenship, hospital records with proof of DOB, terminatation of parental rights papers for both birthparents, permission from the agency and notarized approval from a TX judge (with raised seal included). And not only did she refuse to help us...but she was so incredibly rude. And her insinuations really hurt. They didn't just anger me, they truly hurt. But apparently this is not the first time that NY has held up paperwork for this agency. Sounds like NY is known for that

I am just so incredibly tired of feeling like a second class parent!


Happy Birthday, Teri!!!


Super Cup 2008

Today, Alex participated in her first ever Taekwondo competition, the Super Cup. There were three categories: poomse, board breaking and sparring. Alex competed in the latter two. In practice they have always used a foam piece that splits apart when hit hard enough. So you can imagine our surprise when we found out that the competition would require the use of REAL wooden boards! And she DID IT...she broke her very 1st board with the axe kick!!!! You go baby! She took home second place in board breaking and first place in sparring. It was a very long day and she has been practicing so very hard. We are so proud of you, Alexandra!!!!

Above is a picture of Alex and her trophies once we got home. I had fortotten the battery to camera, so I will have to wait on my aunt to upload her pics. But I may try to put together a few minutes of it up to youtube. We'll see.


180 Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday marked 180 days until our WDW stay. Technically the cruise portion begins before that, but they suggest calling 180 days out to reserve character dining. So at 7am Shawn was on the phone. Alex is going to be in complete princess heaven!!!!!!!!!!! He managed to get two meals at Cinderella's Royal Table, Donald's Breakfast Safari in Animal Kingdom and dinners at Akershus Royal Banquet and Chef Mickey. He reserved seats at Playhouse Disney and bought tickets for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.

And the biggest treat of all will be Alex's two hours session at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique where she will be transformed into a real life princess complete with hair, nails and costuming. I can't wait to see the excitement on her face!

Me...I just can't wait to spend 11 uninterrupted days with my husband and kids!!!!!!!


Huge Congrats

...to Gen & Monte, Dawn and Rebecca and Bill!!!!!!

And a Happy Mother's Day to all.


Mom's Makeover

Yesterday, I received a lovely makeover, compliments of Alex. Her preschool class held a Mother's Day event in which the children did makeovers for the moms. It was adorable! They had little hair, nails and makeup stations set up. Alex was, of course, in heaven amoungst all that glamour. As you can see, she did a fine job!


So Giddy

I am just EXPLODING with excitement. So much good news (some already public and some more to come)!!!! Congrats to everyone who has extra reason to celebrate this year!!!!!!!


Her Mother's Daughter

Apparently my clumsiness has defied genetic barriers and I have passed in on to my darling daughter. Alex has been queen of the mishaps this year and summer has only just begun! A few weeks ago she took a nasty spill on grandma's driveway and with it went her nose and arm. Then yesterday I get a frantic call at work that Alex fell at the playground and might need stitches. In the end, we opted for a good 'ole butterfly bandage and hoped for the best. Then today I get called out of a conference because Alex fell off a chair that could be no more than 12 inches off the ground. But it must have been face first, because she somehow managed to split her nose open in two places!!!! My poor girl. Just wait until her daddy sees her.

Before & After



....my newest niece.

Shawn's sister Kristine and her husband Chris are expecting their first child this September. We are so very excited for them! Currently we believe the baby to be a girl. Hopefully future ultrasounds can confirm this. Either way, we are just tickled pink (or blue).