Her Mother's Daughter

Apparently my clumsiness has defied genetic barriers and I have passed in on to my darling daughter. Alex has been queen of the mishaps this year and summer has only just begun! A few weeks ago she took a nasty spill on grandma's driveway and with it went her nose and arm. Then yesterday I get a frantic call at work that Alex fell at the playground and might need stitches. In the end, we opted for a good 'ole butterfly bandage and hoped for the best. Then today I get called out of a conference because Alex fell off a chair that could be no more than 12 inches off the ground. But it must have been face first, because she somehow managed to split her nose open in two places!!!! My poor girl. Just wait until her daddy sees her.

Before & After


Wondering when you will find us said...

Poor Alex! Hope she is feeling like new in no time :)

Scott and Becky said...

Some how it seems the kids who have the most accidents are the toughest, and most able to adapt to things - so maybe a silver lining. Hope she is doing better, and that Daddy recognizes her.