One More Month

Do you see that ticker up there? One month from today. Or more specifically, 4 weeks from tomorrow!!!

I cannot wait to get out of Rochester! We so need this trip. And we've missed going to TN the past two years. Which means we haven't seen Shane, Jen and Hannah in 3 YEARS!!! And we'll finally get to meet Miss Emma too.



I know I haven't been around much. Honestly, I don't have much to say. Well much good that is. But maybe this is exactly where I need to be. A place to vent. So here it goes.

As the title may suggest, we were robbed.

Shawn got a call at work on Friday from our neighbor that they thought our house was being robbed. Shawn called 911 and flew home. Once there, he was met by officers who had our house surrounded and guns drawn. Not quite the start of the relaxing weekend we'd hoped for.

In the end, they got away with most of the smaller electronics. Apparently the driver got spooked and called the other two out as they were attempting to unhook one of the tvs. They also made off with most of Alex's DVD collection. Thugs. And course they couldn't be neat about it. The downstairs was pretty trashed. Broken glass. Drawers and cupboards ransacked. Stuff thrown all over.

The one favor they did us was the forced entry through the garage. It was one of the doors we hadn't yet planned on replacing, but now cracked, will be replaced with a nice shiny new one to match the rest of the house!

As for their fate...it's looking pretty grim. Thanks to an observant and fast acting neighbor who was able to report the plate number, the guys were all apprehended shortly after arriving back to their apartment. And not only were they caught with most of our property, there was also evidence of other burglaries. And to top it off, the Sheriffs who helped arrest them were rather interested in pressing additional charges for all the marijuana they had growing.

After some questioning, it came to light that these (for the sake of keeping it clean) "individuals" had targeted our home as we had guessed. Apparently they were some of the boys that stayed at our house while we were on vacation back in November.

No, we won't be getting our things back any time soon, but we do have much to be thankful for.

1) No one was hurt, including our dog.
2) It's all stuff that's replaceable.
3) It wasn't random. And for some reason, this gives me great comfort. The threat existed. We knew that. It happened and now it's over. We can move on.

So thank you all for your concern and well wishes. We are fine. The house is fine. And most importantly we pulled it off without Alex finding out about any of it. For those that don't know, Alex has had a very difficult few months. Please keep her in prayer. But that will be another post.

Much love, Sue