A Special Day

Today was a very special day for two very special children...mine!

Alex's teacher has given each of her students a "special day" in which they are the helpers and where they can share a bit about themselves with their classmates. Alex has been counting down the days until her "Special Day", September 25th. It finally came. And she was so very excited. Mommy came in to school and made little books for each of the students containing facts about Alexandra. We read one of Alex's favorite books to the class and she introduced her brother to all of her friends. I wish I had borrowed a camera and captured the fun!

But Daddy had our camera in Texas for another very special day, Cullen's adoption finalization. The agency that Cullen's birthmom worked with is based out of San Antonio. So Shawn flew in yesterday in order to be present at today's court appearance, in which Cullen David Reardon was offically declared OURS!!! And it is with tear filled eyes that I type this news. I look at my two beautiful children each day in amazement and wonder how is it possible that we have been so blessed!


Fall Fun

Autumn cannot officially begin without a trip to Kelly's Apple Farm, home of the best crumb top apple pie in New York State! We took the kids on Saturday afternoon for some cider, donuts and fun. Grandma and Grandpa came along as well and we shared some yummy pumpkin bread. Afterwards, Cullen and Alex both enjoyed rolling around in the grass. And Alex burned some energy by racing Daddy up and down the hill over and over and over.


I just can't help myself....

I've already been searching for ideas for Cullen's "Big Boy Room". Premature, maybe. But it will be here before I know it and in true Sue fashion....I want to be prepared. So I have had my eye on this darling set at Pottery Barn Kids. It is exactly what I would want. Simple, yet colorful and oh so "little boy". I have been watching it for a month or so and just noticed the first item become unavaialble. And I just can't take the chance of missing out on getting it! So since I worked some extra "call" in September, I am allowing myself the splurge!

Tonight, after work we'll take a trip to Pottery Barn Kids and I get to buy the Quilt, Sham and Sheet Set. This so incredibly foreign to be me. I will actually be paying FULL price. I don't pay full price for anything. But I MUST have it!!!

In other news, Lily and Family are doing beautifully. The little stinker has to be woken up at night to eat or she would sleep straight through. That is just wrong. My 6 month old is just now sleeping through the night!

Also, Grandpa was released from the hospital yesterday. The good news is that he is home. The bad news is that he has some additional health challenges to contend with now on top of everything else. He should get into a specialist soon and hopefully being around the family will help lift his spirits.

Shawn is back from Chicago, YAY!

Next week is Finaliziation, even bigger YAY!!! Shawn will be flying to San Antonio, TX on Wed for a Thur court appearance.

Alex is doing well in school. Kindergarten is a lot of work and she is coming home exhausted each night! She also earned her blue belt a few weeks ago and she is super psyched about that. Her new goal is not only to earn a black belt, but to then make the Demo Team. You go baby! Reach for the stars!!!


Welcome Lillianna Renee

It has been a very long 24 hours...but I am proud to announce the arrival of my newest neice, Lillianna. Lily was born at 5:50 this morning. She was 8 lbs 9 oz and 20.5 inches long. Mom, Dad and baby are doing wonderfully!!!!

As promised, I won't yet post "family shots" as Kristine was adament about holding off unitl she could get more properly cleaned up.

Lily certainly is a beauty!!!


End of Summer Fun

We've tried to squeeze the most out of these last summer days. Here are a fews pics of some of the fun we've had....

Buffalo Bills season Kick-off

SeaBreeze with the Henick's

Backyard Campfire

Some at home playtime


The Eve

Supplies are bought. Clothes are laid out. Book bag is packed. Lunch is made.

Sounds like I am ready.

I should be ready.

I've have known for 5 years that this day would come.

But I am just not.

On this very important eve, I laid my baby boy in his crib. And rememberd back to the day my precious baby girl slept in that very spot. Her long fingers peeking through the sleeves of her rosebud jammies. I can still smell the scent of her just after her bath. I can hear the babbles that call out from her crib. The laughter. The smile. Where did the time go. It was too quick. I find myself pleading with God to turn back the hands of time.

But life doesn't work that way. She is ready. And I need to be too. I want to be ok with this. I really do. But it hurts. Every day I can see her slip further and further away from the baby she was and into the young woman she will one day become.

That's the obvious progression.

It's what is supposed to happen, right.

Then why is it so hard?