Much to Report

So much to report, I'll start where I left off last week.

Emma's had her kidney biopsy on Tuesday and made it through just fine. Thanks for all of the prayers. They stayed the night in the hospital to watch for any complications and met with the nephrologists. The diagnosis does include a kidney disorder, but thankfully one they beleive is slow in its progression. For the time being, treatment will only include medication and monitoring.

Our house has also been hopping with people. We decided to take the plunge of siding our house this summer. So we've been innundated with contractors and decisions. Shawn finally signed the contract yesterday and they should begin in a few weeks. Now I get to decide on colors!!!

Thankully the siding job will also included all new windows. Especially since one of them was broken last week. I came home and let the dog out the back door and noticed a back window smashed. It took me a minute to process what happened, but it was soon obvious that someone had attemped to get in the house. So I called 911 and sent Alex to Grandma's. (She doesn't know anything about it since it would likely put her anxiety into high gear). In the end, a total of three entry points were attempted. It was a bit nerve wracking, but thankfully nothing was taken and no one was hurt. Well except the moron that smashed the window and sliced himself in the process.

Not much else going on. Kids are doing well. Jobs are well. Everyone is healthy. Alex is busy with school and will be in her first play in a few weeks. She also met her soccer coach last night and got her jersery. Cullen is as busy as always acting more like a 2yr old than a 13 month old.

My best to you all, and to all the mom's out there...have a great Mother's Day weekend!