Jason & Brittany

My cousin, Jason, asked me if I would take some photos of him and Brittany while they were in town. So we went to Durand Eastman Park on Saturday. It was super cold and we were in somewhat of a hurry, but we still managed to get some great pics. Here are a few of my favorites!


Happy Black Friday

So this is the first year since Shawn and I have been together that we did not go shopping on Black Friday. Between me still fighting this respitory thing, having most of my shopping completed and not knowing how much damage our most recent vet bill will be...it didn't seem to be in the cards today. But we had a great day none the less.

This morning we slept in a bit and then played in the snow. Alex had so much fun. She was running around the backyard screeching.

Then, this evening we went to Aunt Sue's to visit with Jason and Brittany who are in town for the holidays. Jason is my cousin. The one getting married. And the wedding in which Alex will be flower girl. Alex just adores them and loves spending time with them. So tonight we went over for pizza. We all had such a nice time. Alex always loves going up to their music room and "jamming". They all play instruments and really get into their music. So Uncle Terry led with his monstocity of a drum set, while Brittany played the violin and Jason played the gutiar. The rest of us less musically inclined were in charge of the tamborine, maracas and African drum. This, I wish I had a picture of. What fun we had just being loud and silly!


Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know many of you have a lot to be thankful for this year!!! Here's to the "kick off" of a fabulous holiday season.

K, off to roast my turkey now. Family will be here in a few hours!


She passed!

Today, Alex was awarded her yellow belt.


My Baby Did It!!!!!

Thursday was yellow belt testing at Taekwondo. Alex has been working really hard at her blocks, attacks and counting in Korean. Her only problem is that she is so self critical. If she doesn't get a move on the first or second attempt, she just shuts down. She has come so far in just the couple of months she has been taking classes, but still...she is only four. And she is so incredibly stubborn. Well last week they told us that she would be eligible to test for her yellow belt.

It is funny how mothers and fathers parent in such different, and often opposite, ways. A mother tends to protect and often hold a child back for fear of failure. A father, on the other hand, will push a child out of their comfort zone and challenge them to try. So of course I didn't think Alex was ready to test yet, and Shawn just kept saying to "let her try". But I didn't want her to shut down or freeze. I didn't want her to fail. This is all still relatively new to her and I thought she should gain a bit more confidence first. Still, he wanted to at least give her the chance.

So last night I sent my baby, alone, out into a group of over 90 testers. She looked terrified. I was completely sick to my stomach. I was never a nervous test taker. But being a mother is so different. All of my hopes and desires reside with this little person. For 45 minutes, Alex sat in her group and watched the others testers test. She kept looking over at us with those pleading eyes, as to say "please just take me home". But she was brave and waited her turn. And when it was time, my little girl got up in front of 90 other participants, 8 judges and nearly 150 spectators.

Master Lim started to bark out commands and my baby did it! Being the littlest tester, she kept up with the rest of her group. She may have had the wrong hand/leg at times....but she had the techniques correct. She had good timing and did each move with pride and determination. I could even hear her yelling her hi-ya's over the other 7 kids. She was amazing. She wasn't perfect, but I think she nailed it. I still can't believe how well she did! Shawn and I went crazy. It was the proudest moment of my life!!!!

We won't know if she passed and got her yellow belt until class on Saturday. I am not sure the exact criteria. Like I said, she did miss a few steps...but I don't know how critical they are with the white belts? It doesn't matter though...we thought she was FANTASTIC...and even better...she thought she was FANTASTIC!!!

Here are a few pictures...


Ahhhh Chooo!

It seems my sweet girl has acquired a nasty cold. Poor thing. This weekend, upon request, Alex got breakfast in bed and was able to spend all week in her jammies (her equivalent of winning the lottery). And in keeping with tradition, Daddy had to go out and buy a "feel better soon" present. Can I just say that my husband is the very best Daddy ever! I just loved watching him snuggle with her all weekend and lay low with movies and and coloring princesses. So very sweet.

Here is Alex with one of her prizes. A new doll.

And not only is Shawn the best Daddy, but the best husband too. Because today he came home with a dozen pink roses for me! Be still my heart. Life is very, very good.


"Trick or Treating"

Alex thoroughly enjoyed Halloween this year. She couldn't wait to get out there! She went through our neighborhood with cousins Kaitlin and Trey. A complete photo ablum can be found at Shutterfly.