Yay....Shawn comes home tonight!!!! By our excitement, you'd think he'd been away for a year in Iraq or something, instead of being in South Carolina getting wined and dined for three days. But we missed him just the same.

We did have company though. We tended little Emma for a few days while her mom and dad were with her big brother, Tyler, in the hospital. Thankfully Tyler is on the mend. And Emma is such little doll girl! We had so much fun.

We are also gearing up for the big move. Closing is scheduled for next Friday and since we need everything out and cleaned by then.....looks like we are moving this weekend. Another yay! Oh, and did I mention that the bathroom is complete...sink and all!!! It's all coming together, finally.

Well, just thought I would pop in and say hey.

More to follow.


Daniel Richard Benacci

I would like to congratulate our dear friends Marc and Karen on the arrival of their new son. Daniel was born Januray 1st and came home to his forever family on April 20th. Isn't he gorgeous!

Marc, Karen, Sean, Daniel, and Mia (Grandma)


Identity Crisis

I think my daughter is experiencing an identity crisis. She is obsessed with Dorothy. This is her 3rd Dorothy outfit since Halloween. Doesn't she look proud?


Highly Discouraged

I was telling my mother-in-law last weekend how unreliable people are these days. It is really frustrating and I just don't get it. I mean not only is the average person unreliabe in everyday life, but what really gets me fired up are the people that you pay. Whether it is the phone company, bank, government, or local home improvement store....you can't count on anyone. What is wrong with our society when no one stands behind their word. Where customer service is a concept of the yesteryears.

Maybe I am just too honest. If I say I am going to do something, I do it. If I can't, I'll tell you that too.

You ask what has me spitting nails now? Our bathroom project of course. After being promised that our sink would be in this Thursday, we called to verify. After numerous calls to the company, we confirmed that it was in...YEAY!!! But we'd have to wait for another call back to set-up installion (something they were doing for free since they droped the ball several times). Well, big surprise, no call came. We got the run around all day and Shawn finally told them that he would be there tonight to pick up the sink and he'd install it himself. To which he was told "that wouldn't be a good idea". You see, it seems the sink isn't in afterall and never was. It wasn't a mistake or an oversight, the guy just plain old lied. So now we are told that they can shoot for the 26th. This is completely unacceptabble to me. But what are my choices. I have none. I am at the mercy of the manufacturer and the retailer.

But what ever happend to a persons word? Or a company's intergrity? Are they both of no value any more? Apparently so.


All Clear


2 days, 2 contractors and $1000 later, we are all clear of CO and have heat again! Being in my own home....Priceless!


CO Update

We've been "Red Tagged". As in, our furnace has been shut off and locked!

Which means move over Mom and Dad....we are moving in early (at least temporarily). So I am currently packing our things for the weekend and heading out the door. Hopefully we can have someone out to fix it first thing Monday morning.

Never a Dull Moment

First, let me admit that I am a terrible and irresponsible parent. When Alex came home, we dutifully purchased a carbon monoxide detector. Unfortunately we have old outlets and the stupid thing is too heavy and usually just falls out of the outlet. So, it has spent much of the last three years sitting in a drawer.

Well on a whim, I plugged it in today to got a reading. 219. Ok. Is that good? Is that bad? So of course I turn to my handy computer and, "Oh My 219 is not good". Seems anything over 70 is dangerous (OSHA standard is 50).

So I am sitting here waiting for RGE and the fire departmant.


My New bathroom is Cursed

Ok, so far everything that "could" go wrong with this bathroom...has! We had a horrible experience trying to order the vanity and sink from Lowes. Went in three times to place the order, even made an appointment the second and third time. Each time we were greeted by an associate who did not know how to place the order. Finally gave up.

So, we found another dealer who appeared customer service oriented and placed the order (2/24). So, the vanity was to come in two weeks ago and didn't. Came in last week, but with no sink. Were told hopefully next week. UGH!

So instead of installing the vanity and sink last weekend, we decided to tile the tub. Yet another nightmare with Lowes. Called all over to have them pull the tiles I need and when I got to the stores....you guessed it....they had no where near what I needed. So I spent the whole eveing driving here and there to complete the order. UGH again!

So now that the tile is finished, Shawn calls to see if the sink is in. Guess what. It's NOT. Guess why. BECAUSE THEY NEVER FLIPPIN' ORDERED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

This on top of numerous plumbing, subfloor, and dry wall problems. I give up.


Color Your World

What says Easter more than coloring eggs! And the best part for Alex, was that she could do it all herself, which to a three year old means the world. She did a pretty good job too. She only cracked about 10 out of 12 eggs and got as much dye on her fingers as the eggs. But that didn't matter....they tasted just as yummy!!!!!