Yay....Shawn comes home tonight!!!! By our excitement, you'd think he'd been away for a year in Iraq or something, instead of being in South Carolina getting wined and dined for three days. But we missed him just the same.

We did have company though. We tended little Emma for a few days while her mom and dad were with her big brother, Tyler, in the hospital. Thankfully Tyler is on the mend. And Emma is such little doll girl! We had so much fun.

We are also gearing up for the big move. Closing is scheduled for next Friday and since we need everything out and cleaned by then.....looks like we are moving this weekend. Another yay! Oh, and did I mention that the bathroom is complete...sink and all!!! It's all coming together, finally.

Well, just thought I would pop in and say hey.

More to follow.


Scott and Becky said...

So glad to hear your bathroom is up and running (with water and all)!

Shell said...

It's sounds like there will be some big exciting new things in your life soon. You must be excited. Congrats on the bathroom being done and on the big move.