Sweet, Sweet Baby

We just received the following link to Cullen's newborn photos. It will be active until 4/14. www.photographsbychris.net/cullen31808

Christina See- Photographer
Tonownada, NY
Serving the Rochester and Buffalo areas


First Bath



And after

A Visit to the Doctors

Cullen had his 2 week check-up today. As we expected, she said he was absolutely perfect! And growing like something fierce. He was up to 8lb 5oz today. At least I know he is getting something from all those feedings! With the amount he pees, I was beginning to wonder. His cord also fell off last night, which means he gets his first big boy bath tonight. Pictures to follow of course.

While we were there, she checked out Alex as well. Viral of course. So no meds. Just wait it out and treat with lots of fluids, rest and fever reducers. The Tylenol didn't cut it last night though so now we are rotating between that and Motrin. Though it still isn't taking the fever away. Poor baby. Her skin is so hot to the touch and her cheeks are bright rosy red. She just cries and it breaks my heart.

Fortunately Shawn is feeling a bit better, so at least he can help with Alex now. Still not letting him near Cullen though.

Hoping for a little more sleep tonight from everyone!


Poor Honey

Poor littel girl. After being healthy all fall and winter, Alex started with a cold the day we brought Cullen home...go figure! So far it has been a tolerable run of the mill cold. Nothing serious enough to keep her down. Until yesterday. She stayed home from school because she looked like she felt terrible. Then last night she was up screaming and crying with a fever and relentless cough. So we pretty much got no sleep. Between Cullen and his feedings and Alex fussing, I was glad to see morning. Until morning actually came. And with it came throwing up. Now she can't stop from coughing and throws up whenever she starts. Daddy is on his way home from work, because he is now feeling sick too. I just pray the baby doesn't catch it. I think he and I would be better off in a hotel tonight!

Ok, off to wash every linen in my house....and then the rugs after that. Life is grand :-)


Getting ready for Easter

The eggs are colored and the new outfits purchased. Now it's just time to hide the baskets.


Settling In

My new life is starting to feel real. And it feels so very good. After a crazy few days, today we were able to settle into some sort of normalcy. And this little guy has succeeded in completely stealing my heart. I admit. I am smitten.


We are HOME!!!

We made it in around 4pm yesterday afternoon. The whirlwind now continues with a constant stream of family, friends and neighbors all eager to welcome the little guy home. He is such a dream come true and a definite anwser to prayer. The Bible says to be specific in your prayers...so I was. And here he is. The child I have prayed for!

There is so much I would love to share about our journey to him and about the awesomeness of this experience. But that will have to wait until I have just a bit more time. Promise it will be soon :-)


Cullen is on his way home to Rochester.

Hey there. What a wild day it has been. All of the waiting, praying and then happy crying. I spoke with Sue and Shawn at about 5:30 and they were in the car on their way home as one big happy family. They were not sure if they were going to drive straight through or stop off and spend the night somewhere. Sue said that it was the perfect day. Birth mom even walked them to the car to wish them well. I think that Sue is still in shock over the past 24 hours. I spoke with Allie also and she said she is so excited about her baby brother. She was going to help Mommy and Daddy.

They mentioned that everyone was dying to see Cullen so she said that tomorrow her house was open to anyone who wanted visit. I am sure that by tomorrow Sue will already be back online taking care of this blog herself. She is much better at the details than I am. This has been a wonderful journey to share with all of you. Elliana is also on her way home today. Mark your calenders for next years first birthday bash for Elliana and Cullen. May everyone arrive home safely.


Welcome Cullen David

All is going amazingly well.

Sue just texted me and said that everything is going amazingly well. So far so good. No more news yet.

The waiting is killing me.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall to see and hear what is going on.

They are there. Hooray!!!!!

Baby Reardon is just a short time away from meeting his new family. So far all is going according to plan.

6:30 A.M. - Scranton, PA

They are in Scranton, PA and stopped for breakfast. Sue said they still are about 3 hours away. Allie is wide awake and so excited to see her brother.

The CountDown Begins

O.K. ladies and gentlemen, I promised Sue that I would keep her blog up to date with details for all to know. Shawn and Sue left this morning at 2:30 A.M. to bring home their Baby Boy. They decided to drive instead of fly. Alex is with them and so are Shawn's Mom and Dad. I spoke with Sue at 12:30 A.M. and she was in a whirlwind. She was packing the car, doing laundry and as Sue does best, making lists. They cannot believe that it is real. Please pray for their safe journey.


Could this really be happening?????

Just found out about this little guy this afternoon. He was born yesterday. Were profiled and chosen this evening. Found out the news about 9pm. They want us in NYC in time for discharge tomorrow morning. It is all a blurr. We ran to Walmart about 10pm to grab a few necessities. Planning to head out around 2:30am and hopefully find a Chase bank in the morning. Meeting "M" at the hospital before her discharge. She sounds so lovely!!! I am in such a state of shock. Could this really be it? Could our journey be ending here? God I hope so! I pray so. "M" already signed most of her papers today. Bdad surrender is all set as well. Now we just need to dot the i's and cross the t's. Still won't believe it til we have him home. Little Man still doesn't have a name. We will work out that detail on the long car ride down. And Alex is so thrilled about the news of a little "brover"!!!!

Please join us in prayer that EVERYTHING goes well tomorrow! I will have my girlfriend, Lisa update the blog over the next couple days. Love to all ~Sue


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday One and All. Not sure what it is about March, but we seem to be blessed with many, many birthdays. TODAY ALONE we celebrated Trey's (my nephew) 3rd birthday. Jack's (our former neighbor) 1st birthday. Madison's (my cousin'd little girl) 6th birthday. Nanie's (my grandmother) 80th birthday. My mom and brother-in-law's birthdays will be this week. And now we can add Elliana to the list of March birthdays! Talk about breaking the bank! So here are a few pics of the guests of honor...

We also celebrated Brittany and Jason's recent wedding for those that were unable to attend the ceremony and reception in Ohio.


The Big Day

Today is the day. One that has been 19 months in the making. My best friend Teri will be meeting her daughter Elliana for the first time. Teri met, "A" (Ellie's mom) on December 6th. On December 7th she asked if Teri and Howie would adopt her baby girl. The past several months have been filled eager anticipation.
Last evening Teri, Howie and their daughter Gabi arrived in Indianna in honor of today's big event. As I type this, "A" is currently delivering little Ellie via c-section. My prayers are with each of them. For a safe deliver. For peace during this emotional time. For healing for "A". And for a beautiful, long and wonderful life for sweet little Elliana.


A New Day

Last week was horrible on so many fronts. Between my work, my family and my friends....it was just aweful. One I would soon like to forget. So when Shawn called from work on Saturday to see if I wanted to get out of town for the night, I jumped at the chance. I told him we'd meet him in the driveway with bags packed. It would be 24 hours away from reality.

We decided to take Alex and my neice over the border to The Fallsview Waterpark. And they had SUCH a nice time. But I was so disappointed that I forgot the battery to my camera. On the other hand, it was also nice to join in on the magic of the moment and not be stuck on the other side of the lens trying to capture it digitally. Perhaps I need to do more of that. But now we are back home and life continues.

As I mentioned before, last week brought many things. But nothing was more unexpected and heart breaking than the news that our good friends were dealing with cancer. And especially difficult is the fact that it has struck one of their children. My heart physically hurts for what they and their poor sweet baby boy are going through. So whether you are of the praying kind or not, please lift Tyler up in prayer. He has endured so much already in his 3 1/2 years olf life. He and his family have a long and difficult road ahead. But Tyler has so much going for him. He is not only a fighter, but he always comes out a winner in the end. And we know this time will be no different! Not to mention that he has two of the most incredible parents. Tonight after speaking to Jodie, I was reminded once again of her strength and faith. When I hung up with her I was the one who felt better. Who felt more encouraged. That woman just amazes me!

And since Mom and Dad were spending time with Ty at the hospital on Friday and Saturday, we got to keep Emma and Nate for the night. Nate just LOVED the nursery. He was so amused by all of the colors and patterns. He is such a sweet, sweet baby.

And Emma and Alex had a grand time. Alex had all of her make-up taken away due to a few recent "mishaps". But come to find out, she had some still stashed away that mom didn't know about. As you can see, she and Emma broke into it!

So today is a new day of a new week and one that I hope brings more welcomed news. 4 more days until the arrival of Ellie and then we will have something to CELEBRATE!!!