A Visit to the Doctors

Cullen had his 2 week check-up today. As we expected, she said he was absolutely perfect! And growing like something fierce. He was up to 8lb 5oz today. At least I know he is getting something from all those feedings! With the amount he pees, I was beginning to wonder. His cord also fell off last night, which means he gets his first big boy bath tonight. Pictures to follow of course.

While we were there, she checked out Alex as well. Viral of course. So no meds. Just wait it out and treat with lots of fluids, rest and fever reducers. The Tylenol didn't cut it last night though so now we are rotating between that and Motrin. Though it still isn't taking the fever away. Poor baby. Her skin is so hot to the touch and her cheeks are bright rosy red. She just cries and it breaks my heart.

Fortunately Shawn is feeling a bit better, so at least he can help with Alex now. Still not letting him near Cullen though.

Hoping for a little more sleep tonight from everyone!


Michelle said...

I hope Alex & Shaun feel better very soon & that you all get some rest tonight.

Colette said...

Well...this is something you will never forget...a sick house and a new baby...bummer! Can't wait to see the tube pictures! Always fun! Hugs

terilynnh2000 said...

Go CULLEN!!! He's growing like it's his JOB (which I guess it is) :) I still think we should have taken Cullen and Ellie for a night or two at the Marriott to get away from our sickies!