A Ride in the Park

Well, maybe not the park, but around the neighborhood at least.

We took a nice little ride over to feed the ducks. Most families bring bread. Which we did. Our family apparently brings frozen corn as well.

The history of frozen corn....

Back a couple of years ago Alex had a sleepover at Gabi's. I think the girls were around 2 at the time. While in bed that night, Alex got whacked in the head with a sippy cup. So Teri saved the day by providing her with a nicie bag of frozen corn to put on it. A little while later, Teri noticed that Alex was not using the corn as intended...she was EATING it! I am not sure if that is what she thought she was supposed to do with it, or if she simply got hungry. My child will clearly eat anything. Whatever the case, it worked. Her boo-boo no longer hurt and she had frozen corn to thank for it.

Now, why bring frozen corn on a bike ride? That's a whole different story...

Two summers ago, we took a ride down to Abbott's in Sea Breeze. Alex on the back of Shawn's bike and me following behind along with two of our friends. We got to one of the hills, I lost control and flew off the bike landing with all my weight on one knee. My knee was pretty messed up for a long while and I have been a bit gun shy (read: avoid at all cost) of riding ever since.

So Alex insisted we take the corn along for Mommy for when she falls. I assured her we'd be safe without it, but she wasn't taking any chances. It was quite embarrassing. As we rode down the street all I could hear from the kids trailer was a little voice hollering out, "Mommy, you're doing it!" "Good job, Mom." "Look Daddy, Mommy isn't falling!!!" Such confidence.
And since I didn't fall, I guess she figured the corn was safe to eat!


When Dad's Away

When dad's away, it mom's turn to play!

I stood in the doorway the other night and watched as Shawn walked down the road with the kids, everyone full of excitement. Was I envious of him that I was to stay back to perform the glorious task of washing dishes while they enjoyed an evening walk? No. I basked in the beauty of it actually. Not only did I have a few minutes of peace and quiet, but I just love watching my husband with our children. He is such a fantastic dad. I love how their faces light up each night when he comes home and how he literally drops everything at the door to be with them.

But last night was my turn. Daddy was in Niagara, so I was flying solo. Instead of doing dinner dishes, we decided to go for a relaxing and peaceful walk and enjoy the mild temps of early Spring.

When Shawn called, he wondered why I was out of breath. Um, perhaps it was from trying to answer all of the obsurd questions from one precocious and inquisitive 5 year old, while trying to chase said daughter as she wildly pushed her brother in his car, at the same time struggling to manitain control over one unruly alpha male golden retriever. This life of mine is many things, but relaxing certainly doesn't make the list!

You can come home now, Shawn!


Tyler James

Congratulations to Chris and Jessica on the arrival of their new son, Tyler James.

I had the honor of meeting little Tyler earlier today. What a beautiful, beautiful baby!  I just couldn't pick a favorite photo.


Happy 1st Birthday, Cullen!

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In one breathe I think about how the past year has gone by so quickly, yet in another it's a struggle to remember a time that didn't include our sweet little boy. I never doubted that adoption worked and that it would happen for us too. But who knew it could be so perfect (twice). Yet still, when it does happen, it is such a surreal experience. And for many, like us, it happens quickly. Very, very qucikly. I mean the wait may feel like anything but short, but once that "call" comes, life goes from 0 to 120 in seconds.

A year ago this day I had nothing to post. It was just an ordinary day, or so I thought. I had no knowledge that our son was busy making his grand entrance. I would not know for another day that our time had come and he would be joining our family. And we'd wait another after that to meet him.

I know I have said it before, but Cullen is truly every bit of what our prayers were made of. It's like my heart was not only preparing for a baby ...but all along, it was preparing for HIM! God knew what, and who, would complete our family. Another adoptive mom uses the term "sweet completion" and I just love that. It truly describes how I feel about my children and my life. I am so very, very blessed.

I love you more than the breath I breathe. Like with your sister, I hope that Daddy and I can give back to you even a fraction of the joy and fulfillment that you give to us every day. We love you to the moon and back and wish you the Happiest of First Birthdays.

You know my thoughts. And the love that our hearts hold for you. And we think of you even more on this day. I pray that blessings be wrapped around. And know that today, and every other day, Cullen is surrounded by love.


Two Peas

I just have to share a picture of the adorable cake we had made for the party! Since we often refer to Ellie and Cullen as the "twins", it was only suitable to have their parties together. And the theme was "Two Peas in a Pod".

We had the cake made by a private baker, and were so impressed with what she came up with. And not only was it adorable, but it tasted fabulous!

So if anyone is in need of a custom cake, I would highly recommend Heather of Let Them Eat...Customs Cakes by Heather.


Birthday Week Ramblings

Last year, on this weekend, we celebrated four birthdays and one birth. I never would have imagined that a year later we'd be adding a first birthday to the mix. At this time last year, we had no idea that our son was about to be born. It's kinda surreal to think that one day you are busy living every day life the best you know how and the next your world is turned upside down in the most magnificent way imaginable.

The month before my daughter's birthday was always a special time. A time of rememberence, appreciation and nostalgia. Of course it's been no differnt with Cullen. I am flooded with memories and emotions of one year ago. The torment of not knowing when, if at all, we'd be blessed with another child. The shock and disbelief of getting "the call". The exhilleration once we finally realized it WAS HAPPENING! And the moment. That magical moment when we saw our son for the first time. And the sybolism of his firstmom graciously and tenderly handing him to us. It's a short burst of time that holds a million thoughts and feelings.

So I often bring myself back. Relive the moments that pass by so quickly, in hopes of never forgetting. And I can feel it like it was only minutes ago. The butterflies in my stomach. The cramped knees and tired eyes of driving thru the night. The feeling of Alex's hand in mine as we walked in the parking lot. The urge to throw up when we passed the hospital flower bed. The smell of the gift shop. The long ride up the elevator and down the hall. Knocking on her door.

And there it is, that moment again. He is right there in front of us. And he is breathtakingly perfect. He is in her arms. Why isn't she crying? She almost seems excited. She is excited. For the journey in which his new life will take him. I can still hear her voice. In it held the excitement of catching up with a long lost friends. I remember the laughs as we talked about our families and traditions. And of course the bittersweet tears. The promises to stay in touch. Our promise to her that we would take care of him.

In all the days of my life, I will remember every detail of how our children came to us. Cherish every moment of that time and never forget the sacrifices that were made to make us family.