Happy Hallowen

It has been a whole month of Fall and Halloween fun. From parties to farms, October has seen Alex as multiple princesses, Dorothy, a cheerleader and now the grande finale as Little Red Riding Hood. She is so in her element!

Tonight we'll attend a party at Taekwondo and then it will be off to trick-or-treat.

Happy and Safe Halloween wishes to all!


I love my MUMMY

Daddy dressed in a bed sheet like a ghost to scare Alex the other night. So she decided she wanted to dress as a Mummy and scare her Dad.


Jordan-My Latest Muse

I had the distinct honor of being asked to take my nephew Jordan's Senior Portraits. So today we visited some local parks and I think we were able to get quite a few nice shots. And it was so much fun! Here are a few of my faves.


Fun Filled Weekend

What a great weekend! After the Halloween Party on Saturday afternoon, we met friends for dinner. The kids loved the experience. We took them for Hibachi at The Tokyo. Alex even did pretty well eating shrimp using chop sticks. So much fun!!!
After church on Sunday, we met Grandma and Grandpa at The Garden Factory for their Fall activites. They had rides, games, crafts and more. It too was a great time!!! Of course additional pictures can be found on Shutterfly.


Gro-Moore Farms

Today we had our annual Halloween Bash. This year it was held at Gro Moore Farms. All the attendants are adoptive families. It is so neat to see the families expand from year to year. We had many new additions in 2007!!!
Alex is saving her Little Red Riding Hood costume for Halloween, so instead she decided to go as a cheerleader. A pink one of course.
The rest of the pictures are hyperlinked above if you just click on "Halloween Bash".


Thanks Mom!

So I've had a bit of a rough weekend/week. Let's just say that one of my dogs is likley moving out of our home. No she is not sick, but her needs/behaviors have surpassed what we can provide and tolerate. It was such a difficult decision to make. She has been with us for almost seven years. Our dogs were our lives before Alex came along. It is just so very sad. At the same time, I am looking forward to this change providing both of the dogs with a better quality of life.

We are now working with the Golden Retriever Rescue to find a home that would be more suitable for Chloe. Two nights ago I had the difficult task of compiling photos of her to send. It was terribly hard. So many pictures of the wonderful years we spent together.

So my mom sent me this beautiful bouquet to help cheer me up. Jodie, Teri, Lisa and Sue...you guys have been great too. Thanks so much! It does help.


Congrats Jen, Jeff, Nick and baby Jacob!!!

I am so thrilled to announce the birth of Jacob Jeffrey!!!

My friend Jen is currently in Indiana preparing to bring home her new son. We all celebrate with Jen and her family. They have waited so very long!



Eating my words already

Well I was prepared to wait patiently until the first of the year before taking another step forward, but it appears I am not all that good at waiting afterall. Go figure. I received our official homestudy approval in the mail this past weekend. Although it was exciting in one sense, it also seems hard to believe we have been officially waiting over a month already. One month come and gone and not even a single call. Sigh.

So last week I decided to take the plunge and post our profile online through Adoption STAR. I don't know if many matches happen as a result of the internet, but I know it was an important tool Alex's birthparents utilized in selecting Adoption STAR and ultimately us as parents. So we'll see where it leads!

In addition, I have also decided to compile a video profile. Problem being that our MAC (which housed about 7000 photos) died, and I mean died, about 3 months ago. So we took it into the Geniuses (yes that is what they call themselves) at the Apple store and begged for help. Wouldn't you know that within 30 minutes the darn thing was up and running and all my precious photos and videos are once again at my fingertips. All hail the Genius Bar!!! Boy that was too close of a call though.

So as I type this on my PC, the MAC is currently being back-up on a seperate hard drive. And then I will begin the task of putting together this video. As I look back on all the photos I will no doubt be taken back in time to four years ago when our amazing little girl was first placed in our arms. I am always flooded with memeories and emotions of that special time. And hopefully one day soon we will once again know the feeling of being entrusted with the most special blessing.