Prayers for Emma

Please continue to pray for Emma and her family. If you remember, Emma recently joined her family when she came home from China just one day before her 1st birthday.

Upon arrival to the US and through a more thorough examination, it was identified that Emma has something kidney related going on. The initial fear was Melamine poisoning possibly due to tainted Chinese formula. But this most recent news is even worse. It is not Melamine, but likely a congential nephrotic syndrome. And in time, it is likely that Emma will need a transplant.

I have heard those words before and they are a devestating blow to family. My own father passed at the age of 47 due to a similar disorder. Since many of these disorders are hereditary, as in our family's case, two of my nephews also share this disease (Alport Syndrome). We know that transplants are also in their future as well. And the thought breaks my heart. (Note- my dad never did have a transplant, so it is likely that he would have lived longer had he gone that route)

I am equally devestated for Shane and Jen and little Emma. Emma's first 12 months were no day in the park. We will never know exactly what she experienced in the orphanage, but from the clues her parents have picked up on, it was a rough way to start life.

Please keep sweet little Emma in your prayers. We know that miracles can and do happen every day and are trusting that this just may be one of those case. And if not, please pray for her mom and dad. Pray that God provides them with the wisdom to make the right medical decisions for her and the strength needed to get through it all.

Also, on a similar note, I have another request for prayer. A cyber friend of mine Jen was also given some difficult news. As she was preparing to undergo surgey to donate a kidney to her cousin, it was found that she has a cancerous tumor on one of her kidneys. Already shaken with the recent death of her beloved grandmother and the news that her father too was diagnosed with cancer, this couldn't have come at a worse time for Jen and her family. Please keep this family in prayer as well. I know Jen could really use them!


Tuesday Afternoon Catch-Up

I really miss being here. I miss writing. The days I had time get lost in thought and reflection. I am sorry that I have not the energy nor the ambition to share anything remotely enlightening or thought provoking. But those days are gone, at least for now. And I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Instead this is what I can share,

Kids are doing well. Alex and Shawn are just getting over the most violent tummy bug I've ever seen.

School is on break, so Alex is enjoying some time home with her brother. Cullen, on the other hand, is ready to send her back!

Cullen is really changing all of the sudden. He is off the bottle and milk. He runs all over. Loves wrestling and playing ball. Jabbers away endlessly. Says many, many words...including unprompted "thank you's".

Cullen has also attached himself to me like a growth lately. If mom's home, he must be attached to my hip or leg. He is like the proverbial ball and chain. My mother-in-law commented that he looked a bit "oversized" for the wrap I wear him in. But my gosh...my arms physically can't hold him that long! And God forbid I leave his line of sight. Oh the drama.

We've also been busy on some home improvement projects. Alex had her room redone before Easter. Peter Pan. Thankfully there are some creative artists on ebay! It's adorable and I hope to get around to taking some photos. But that would require I actually get all her laundry put away and not have it stacked on her bed and dresser. In due time.

Shawn also decided to tare out all of the trim work up stairs and replace it with more decorative stuff. He is 90% done with that.
Besides the trim upstairs, Shawn is talking about ripping out the stuff downstairs. And in addition, now talks include replacing all the windows himself, rebuilding the deck, putting up a shed, pouring concete for a patio and siding the house. Obviously it is not possible to do all of this at the same time. He just needs to gain some focus. Could someone please pass on some ADHD meds. He could clearly use them!

Me, I am still trying to kick this respitory thing. We are going on three weeks now. And 3 days of which, I had no voice at all. Try getting your kids to take your threats seriously when you can't speak! Talk about a joke.

But all in all, I am holding my own. Trying to prioritize my time, which means less time on the computer. Attempting any time saving measure I can think of. If you have any tips....please let me know.


Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a very happy Easter weekend. Ours was very nice. Crazy as usual, but wonderfully traditional at the same time.

We spent much of Saturday at Adventure Landing for Easter egg hunts and other fun. Alex made out like a bandit and Cullen had alot fun running around.

We had Easter brunch out with family and then went back to grandma's house for a hunt. The kids scurried around the yard gathering eggs and the men later gathered round for the annual "scratch-off hunt". Yes, this is actually the most comically fun part of the day. Mom hides a couple dozen scratch off tickets througout the house and the guys have to hunt for them. Between Shawn, Roger and Chris...laughs are plentiful! And only because Grandma is so evil and chooses the most ridiculously hard hiding spots.

Unfortunatley we never made it to my mom's (sorry mom). Alex was saying she didn't feel well all of the sudden and we thought it was becuase she didn't want to leave her cousins. We later learned she was indeed sick as she exploded with the force of Mt. Etna all over the van. So two days later, she is still recovering and I am finally catching up on all the wash she has created over the last three days.

Before the "incident" I was able to capture many photos. They can be found here through Shutterfly.


Product Plug #2

As you can see, I haven't been very diligent with posting my "product plugs". In truth I've only posted one so far. So here goes number two.

The Vibrating Teether

I had forgotten how much Cullen (and Alex at that age too) enjoyed the vibrating teether. But along with my phone charger, we left his in the hotel on our last trip to Niagara. So tonight when Cullen was terribly miserable cutting some megateeth, we had tried everything. Didn't want food or drink. Didn't want to be held or put down. Didn't really know what he wanted other than his teeth to stop hurting. So as a last result, I suggested Shawn go replace Cullen's teether.

You be the judge...
...I think he's in heaven!

These teethers are just as their name states, vibrating. When you bite down, they massage the gums. For a young/early teether, you may need to squeeze it for them and hold it on their gums. I remember this being the case with Alex. But they learn quickly and Cullen took right to it like a magnetic force. They run between $5-$7 and can be found at most local grocery stores, baby stores, Target and WalMart.


Annual Adoptive Family Spring Fling

Since Alex was a babe, we've gotten together with a group of local adoptive families each Spring and Fall. In the Spring, it's an Easter Egg Hunt. We had so many families today that we barely fit in the house. It was wonderful!

What a Difference a year makes...


Thanks Becky!

We had a nice little visit from Nanie and Pa tonight. They stopped over to give the kids an early Easter gift. My Aunt Sue's friend Becky is such a sweetheart! She made them each an Easter printed tote along with gorgeous handmade sweaters. They are so soft and pretty.

Thanks Becky, they fit the kids perfectly!!!

And she also made this cute little poncho a few weeks ago for Alex. As you can see, Alex thought she was "all that".