Prayers for Emma

Please continue to pray for Emma and her family. If you remember, Emma recently joined her family when she came home from China just one day before her 1st birthday.

Upon arrival to the US and through a more thorough examination, it was identified that Emma has something kidney related going on. The initial fear was Melamine poisoning possibly due to tainted Chinese formula. But this most recent news is even worse. It is not Melamine, but likely a congential nephrotic syndrome. And in time, it is likely that Emma will need a transplant.

I have heard those words before and they are a devestating blow to family. My own father passed at the age of 47 due to a similar disorder. Since many of these disorders are hereditary, as in our family's case, two of my nephews also share this disease (Alport Syndrome). We know that transplants are also in their future as well. And the thought breaks my heart. (Note- my dad never did have a transplant, so it is likely that he would have lived longer had he gone that route)

I am equally devestated for Shane and Jen and little Emma. Emma's first 12 months were no day in the park. We will never know exactly what she experienced in the orphanage, but from the clues her parents have picked up on, it was a rough way to start life.

Please keep sweet little Emma in your prayers. We know that miracles can and do happen every day and are trusting that this just may be one of those case. And if not, please pray for her mom and dad. Pray that God provides them with the wisdom to make the right medical decisions for her and the strength needed to get through it all.

Also, on a similar note, I have another request for prayer. A cyber friend of mine Jen was also given some difficult news. As she was preparing to undergo surgey to donate a kidney to her cousin, it was found that she has a cancerous tumor on one of her kidneys. Already shaken with the recent death of her beloved grandmother and the news that her father too was diagnosed with cancer, this couldn't have come at a worse time for Jen and her family. Please keep this family in prayer as well. I know Jen could really use them!


Unknown said...

Thank You so much for your thoughtful mention of me. Its amazing, before being considered to be a donor, I had no idea how much kidney disease touched so many. Condolances on the loss of your father as well. I didn't know that was how he passed away.

Prayers to Emma and her parents. I can only imagine how overwhelming everything must be seeming right now as they deal with initial attachment issues, health issues and a difficult prognosis. Let them know a Canadian friend is praying.


Rebecca said...

What devastating news for all of them. I will be keeping Emma and her family and Jen in my prayers.

Alison said...

That is just horribly sad news about Emma. My thoughts and prayers will be with her and her forever family.

And Jen - I hope that catching this the way that you did can help lead you down the path of recovery.