Happy Easter

I hope everyone had a very happy Easter weekend. Ours was very nice. Crazy as usual, but wonderfully traditional at the same time.

We spent much of Saturday at Adventure Landing for Easter egg hunts and other fun. Alex made out like a bandit and Cullen had alot fun running around.

We had Easter brunch out with family and then went back to grandma's house for a hunt. The kids scurried around the yard gathering eggs and the men later gathered round for the annual "scratch-off hunt". Yes, this is actually the most comically fun part of the day. Mom hides a couple dozen scratch off tickets througout the house and the guys have to hunt for them. Between Shawn, Roger and Chris...laughs are plentiful! And only because Grandma is so evil and chooses the most ridiculously hard hiding spots.

Unfortunatley we never made it to my mom's (sorry mom). Alex was saying she didn't feel well all of the sudden and we thought it was becuase she didn't want to leave her cousins. We later learned she was indeed sick as she exploded with the force of Mt. Etna all over the van. So two days later, she is still recovering and I am finally catching up on all the wash she has created over the last three days.

Before the "incident" I was able to capture many photos. They can be found here through Shutterfly.


terilynnh2000 said...

OMG! I LOVE that pic of the grandkids. It's the best one I've seen of all five of them!!! Glad YaYa's feeling better.

Rebecca said...

You always take such great pics. I love the idea of using the little truck instead of a basket! I hope one of the guys won some cash!!