A New Day

Last week was horrible on so many fronts. Between my work, my family and my friends....it was just aweful. One I would soon like to forget. So when Shawn called from work on Saturday to see if I wanted to get out of town for the night, I jumped at the chance. I told him we'd meet him in the driveway with bags packed. It would be 24 hours away from reality.

We decided to take Alex and my neice over the border to The Fallsview Waterpark. And they had SUCH a nice time. But I was so disappointed that I forgot the battery to my camera. On the other hand, it was also nice to join in on the magic of the moment and not be stuck on the other side of the lens trying to capture it digitally. Perhaps I need to do more of that. But now we are back home and life continues.

As I mentioned before, last week brought many things. But nothing was more unexpected and heart breaking than the news that our good friends were dealing with cancer. And especially difficult is the fact that it has struck one of their children. My heart physically hurts for what they and their poor sweet baby boy are going through. So whether you are of the praying kind or not, please lift Tyler up in prayer. He has endured so much already in his 3 1/2 years olf life. He and his family have a long and difficult road ahead. But Tyler has so much going for him. He is not only a fighter, but he always comes out a winner in the end. And we know this time will be no different! Not to mention that he has two of the most incredible parents. Tonight after speaking to Jodie, I was reminded once again of her strength and faith. When I hung up with her I was the one who felt better. Who felt more encouraged. That woman just amazes me!

And since Mom and Dad were spending time with Ty at the hospital on Friday and Saturday, we got to keep Emma and Nate for the night. Nate just LOVED the nursery. He was so amused by all of the colors and patterns. He is such a sweet, sweet baby.

And Emma and Alex had a grand time. Alex had all of her make-up taken away due to a few recent "mishaps". But come to find out, she had some still stashed away that mom didn't know about. As you can see, she and Emma broke into it!

So today is a new day of a new week and one that I hope brings more welcomed news. 4 more days until the arrival of Ellie and then we will have something to CELEBRATE!!!


Wondering when you will find us said...

Praying, praying , praying for Tyler and their family! You are such a great friend, with always helping out :)

Life with my BOYS! said...

Sue, I am glad you were able to get away for a short time and enjoy the water park YOURSELF!! You are a fabulous person and I want to thank you for being such a great friend to Jodie and Brent!

Scott and Becky said...

I just love the fact that ALex and Emma got into the makeup! It was nice to see that Nate approved of your nursery choices too!