Jiminy Cricket & Madame Butterfly

This post could have just as well been labled "All Things Creepy". Because as much as my daughter enjoys the more feminine things in life, she also likes the icky stuff that I thought was just reserved for boys.

In school yesterday Alex was supposed to bring a bug or insect, fake or real. Of course she chose REAL. It is amazing what we will do for our children. So at 8:30pm on Monday night I trapsed off to PetSmart to purchase "Jiminy", pictured below. For 11 cents, I saved myself from digging in the garden by flashlight. The cricket was a hit, and except for a few stray ants, all the childrens' insects stayed put nicley in their prospective jars.

At home, we also have these beautiful Painted Ladies. It is one of those kits that you send away for the caterpillar larva and watch caterpillers turn into butterflies. Alex thinks they are pretty neat and I have done fairly well having them in my home. Which anyone who knows me well, knows what an accomplishment that is. So we will keep them a few more days before releasing them into the world. Me, I will likely be hovered under the workbench in the garage when this takes place.


Jodie said...

Oh, you are a brave girl! When my oldest niece, Miranda, was in second grade, her class had a "pet" praying mantis. Each week someone was assigned to bring in the crickets for the mantis to eat. When it was Miranda's week, her mom gave me the task of going to the pet store to purchase the crickets. I thought I would die having them in my car! It was all I could do to buy them and drive to the school to drop them off without getting into an accident!!!

terilynnh2000 said...

I will pay money to watch you hover when those butterflies are set free!!

Sue said...

I did very well I'll have you know! I watched safely from the screen door.