For those still waiting to be Mommies

To my friends who still await that magical moment or who have had that moment only to have it taken away too quickly. I know how difficult the month of May can be. For weeks, we hear stories of Motherhood, stories of love. We often sit back on the sidelines with nothing to contribute. No stories of our pregnanies, our hours of labor, or even our adoption journeys. We are not acknowledged, though in our hearts, we are already mothers (it's just our babies haven't found their way to us yet). So we try to remain hopefully, and most days...we are pretty successful. But I assume that this Sunday will be more difficult than most. So I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of each of you and pray that next year your arms and your hearts will be filled.

I also thought I was take a moment and share with you another one of the poems I wrote while we waited. I know no one can truly help ease the pain, but just know that you are not alone and it is ok to feel discouraged.

The Day I Hate Most of All

Some days I’ve learned to dread
More than all the rest,
Difficult to get through
I try my very best.
The day I hate most of all
Always comes in May,
It happens each and every year
We call it Mother’s Day.
In church they’re given flowers
At home a handmade card,
Dad making everyone some lunch
Kids playing in the yard.
Reminds me what I do not have
Instead of what I do,
A little one to give a hug
And say, “Mom, I love you”.
Tomorrow I will live again
Just let me mourn this day,
I pray that I can make it
Through another Mother’s Day.

~Susan Reardon

I should also note that only a month after writing that poem, my moment came.


Paulette said...

Beautiful...amazing how in special time, it all falls into place!

Scott and Becky said...

Thank you Sue. Thank you.

Jen said...

Thanks for remembering what it felt like. I was just reliving a little of that yesterday, but I couldn't have put it so eloquently! I was honestly glad that I could still remember the pain of those Mother's Days. I never want to forget how far I've come with the blessing of our little one.

Jodie said...

Sue, that is so beautiful. As I look at my kids today, I can't help but remember how I felt on those other Mother's Days. I hope we never forget!