Pumpkin Carving and More

Here are a few snapshots from this past week. We carved Alex's pumpkin on Monday. She picked out the shapes. I did the carving. Cullen did the supervising. We also enjoyed some tasty treats. Roasted pumpkin seeds for me and homemade pumpkin babyfood for Cullen.

The next day Cullen went for a ride. Grandma and Grandpa bought him his first set of wheels!


Life with my BOYS! said...

Super Pumpkin!! Isnt that car GREAT!!!!! Jake loved it last year and Elijah enjoyed it this year...hoping to get some more use of it next spring we'll see! Jake's feet are too big for the little pad area but I think Elijah should be good for another year or so!
Enjoy Cullen!

Missy said...

He is SO cute! He looks so big in that little car!
Alex looks like such a good big sister too!
You are a great mommy!

BooMama said...

OOOO! Roasted pumpkin seeds!! We're getting pumpkins tomorrow so seeds here I come! AJ has the same car in green and LOVES it. He goes back and forth between wanting to ride and wanting to push. Cullen reminds me so much of AJ at that age - makes me cry thinking of how big they get...and how FAST. Enjoy your precious little family!

wsweden said...

Cullen looks so grown up in his little car.

Great looking pumpkin!