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Ahhh, what a sweet word. Home. It was only three days, but it was exhausting. The conference was great. Good people, interesting panels, great dining and lots of fun. But it was challenging too. Cullen didn't do all that well in the hotel. Up 3 to 5 times a night, which is quite unusual. Just wasn't himself. The bad news is that it ended up being an ear infection. The good news is that hopefully is wasn't an indication of how challenging Disney might be.

Sounds like Daddy had his hands full back home as well. Alex didn't get to her required Taekwondo classes all week. She missed the bus for the first time on Thusday and ended up being nearly 2 hours late for school after Daddy ran back in the house to get something and locked the house and car keys inside. Thanks to a locksmith they were back in later that day. Friday seemed to go a bit more smoothly. And even though Alex wore big, clunky sneakers with her cute little skirt and top I laid out...the sky did not fall.

Now it is a mad rush to unpack from Toronto and pack for Disney. Only 11 days to go and I feel soooo enprepared.


Colette said...

Oh my goodness! That is a whole lot of stuff happening! I was wondering how the hotel was going to work out for Cullen...Julian only does well at my mom's and our house. I often wonder how he will be in a hotel. Daddy did a good job with Alex from what it sounds like...I too have locked my keys in the house and I hate that feeling! Good luck with the packing! What size is Cullen in now...I will check to see what I have for him..

Rebecca said...

Glad to hear everyone survived! Have fun getting ready for your next trip. Can't wait to see the pics from that:)