I stink at this already!

Ok, so I thought I was doing well, creating a blog and all. I figured I would document all the things I missed out on journaling while waiting for Alex. Then I tried to post entry number two. But it appears I didn't write down the name of the blog, my username, or my password. Pretty importnat detail I find out now. I thought I would finally figure it all out last night and get caugt up. I made it half way there. I managed to at least ACCESS my account. Now I learn that it doesn't appear I can post new entries from my home computer (a MAC). Which leaves me at the mercy of my work computer!

So I will attempt again today. That is IF I can figure out how to post some pics!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sue! Love this blogging thing, don't you?? Your house looks lovely - wish I was in the market to move so I could help you bring home baby 2 sooner!! I have a Mac, too, and I've never had trouble posting to Blogger. Which browser are you using?? I notice that sometimes when Safari doesn't work, Firefox will. I only use Microsoft products as a last resort. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sue!!! It is about time that you have your own website. You have touched so many hearts now you can spread your thoughts to so many. I look forward to reading your posts.

Sue said...

Thanks Gen, I use Safari. I figured out the posting, just not the photos. I have another friend who also suggested firefox. I'll have to check it out!