"Hurry and Wait"

"Hurry and Wait" seems to the story of my life.

Ok, so I know you can hardly compare the two....I mean a house versus a baby. But selling this house is a similar ride to the adoption process. Rush to get everything in perfet order and then wait. Wait to be chosen. We had two appointments to show the house last week, which was encouraging. We were really excited hoping someone might be interested enough to make an offer. So excited that everytime the phone rang, I got a nervous stomach wondering if it was our realtor calling. But the call didn't come.

Open houses and appointements are like getting profiled. You wait for "the call". You get excited thinking "this could be it". And then nothing. Back to waiting. You know it will happen, but you just don't know when. And that is the part that drives me crazy.

Which brings me to a startling revelation: I really stink at waiting!

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