Cullen's New Room

So we moved Cullen into his new room. Formerly Allie's Pink Princess Room. We still have to finish the trim, buy a dresser and second mattress, hang pictures, etc. But you can get the general idea.

Cullen loves his new bed and has had no transition issues. It's so much fun decorating for a boy!


Life with my BOYS! said...

Sue~he sure looks happy in his big boy bed!! Love the bed, what fun he will have with that as he grows!! Who knew that trucks, railroad signs, and emergency vehicles could be so much fun!!!! Lovin boyhood!

Nice job on the room!

Rebecca said...

It's beautiful! I love the bed.I'm sure he'll have many sweet dreams adn happy times in his new room.

Anonymous said...

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Jen said...

Oh Sue, I can see your slide shows now! Fabulous big boy room! :0)