Dear Birthmother Letter

OK, I think I finally did it. I "may" have completed our letter. For me this is one of the most difficult pieces of the homestudy/profiling process. How do you put into words everything you would want to say? Where do you begin to start? So I have been agonizing over this for months now. I think I have analyzed it to death at this point.

For starters, how do you address it? "Dear Birthmother" ...what about the father? "Dear Birthfamily"? Should the term "birth" even be used since technically they are still very much the only parents? Oh the decisions. Which I know my decisions pale in comparison to theirs, so dare I even have the right to stress out over this. But I can't help it.....it is one of my many faults.

So, I did my best. I wrote about our lives, the things that are important to us, and the hopes for this unborn child. I guess that is all I can do.

Now off to think about the following pages. But since I am a picture fanatic, the rest shouldn't be so bad. Hopefully.


Shell said...
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Shell said...

As a birthmom, I personally don't care for the "Dear Birthmother" beginning. No surprise, when I look back at the profile I did choose, it doesn't refer to me as a birthmother, before I actually was one. How about just starting with, "Hello".

Sue said...

Thanks Shell. I figured as much. Until I hand it in. I think it will continue to be a "work in progress".

Colette said...

OUCH! I remember those days! It was the worst...not knowing what to say...not knowing how to end the letter. It was the most difficult...but it worked and so will yours! You write so beautifully, so I am sure it is wonderful!

Wondering when you will find us said...

Ohhhhh!! It is sooo hard to think of the right word's.Like Colette said You write beautiful pieces, so you will ace it!!! Good luck!