Life is Good

Ahhhhhh! These are the days I live for. The days where you can actually sit back and enjoy the simple things in life. Seems like the past few months have been filled with one drama after another. We get so busy that we miss the actually "living" part. You look back and wonder where the time has gone, you ask how your children grew without even noticing. So today, life is good and I am enjoying it and not taking a second for granted.

Alex woke up in such a happy mood today. She was snuggly and full of giggles. While she ate her cheerios, I was able to finish the house which is now sparkling clean (only because we had a showing at noon). After breakfast, we went outside and played in the snow. Alex had so much fun. These are definitely the moments that make life sweeter. Watching my daughter taste snow, make a snow angel, wrestle with her dogs, etc.

After warming up and getting changed, cousin Jordan came over for a visit (now that he is officially a licensed driver). It was sweet listening to my 17 year old nephew play princesses in the next room. Then we went to lunch. Alex's choice: Wendy's. Lunch was filled with giggles, silliness, and lots of chicken nuggets. We had no schedule, no places to be, nothing to hurry about....we were free!

Once Jordan went home, Alex and I decided to go to Wegmans. We decided that we'd buy the ingredients for Valentine cut-out cookies. So we came home and by that time, daddy was home too. Alex sat on daddy while he did his push-ups and I mixed up cookie batter. Then it was daddy's turn to play princess. Life is good!

So as it is cold and beautiful outside, we are warm and toasty indoors. The batter is chilling, the oven is heating, and Alex is licking the spoon. The smell of vanilla and sugar cookies will soon fill the air. I love today!


terilynnh2000 said...

I'm all smiley just thinking about your day. I heard a comment today "We only notice what we pay attention to"....it's time to start paying attention again! Thanks for the beautiful reminder.

Jodie said...

Life is indeed good! I love the pics and the joy on Alex's face!!

BooMama said...

what a beautiful day with your girl! i love the tackle pics. having your child wake up happy is such a gift!