Not much of an update

Since it has been nearly a week since my last post, I thought I would jump on and give a little update. Only problem is that there isn't much news to share. And since Shawn has held my camera hostage for a week doing "work stuff", I don't even have any new pictures to post.

Oh, I guess we did have a bit of excitement. My father-in-law has been sick again lately. Well I got a call at work around 10:30 Friday morning from my mother-in-law that I needed to get home because the ambulance was on its way for Bill. They still don't know what is going on really. The usual...night sweats, chest pain, crazy blood pressures, crazy blood sugars, and this time a really high pulse rate. He is stable, but they aren't really sure what's up. They will do a stress test tomorrow. Hopefully it is nothing that requires surgery as we go out of the country later this week.

And Pepper got a hair cut today. We took Alex to Adventure Landing and she bought more junk with her tickets. One of the things was this little tub of slimy pink goop. Since Pepper insists on being where Alex is and laying in whatever Alex is working on, you guessed it...goop ALL OVER the cat. So not fun trying to sheer a cat who is hell-bent on driving her with sharp teeth and nails into your skin!

Well, that's all for now!


terilynnh2000 said...

I'll say prayers for Bill. Keep us posted. You need that camera back so we can see Pepper's new 'do!

Wondering when you will find us said...

Awwww!!! Praying for your FIL!Where are you guys going on vacation?