Kaitlin's 1st Sleepover

Alex's cousin Kaitlin stayed over last night for the first time. We tried once awhile back and she got home sick and had to go home. Since I relish my sleep as I do, I never pushed a second attempt. But both girls have been begging. So last night, and with grandma and her parents just down the street, we tried again. And they had so much fun!

It was ice cream Sundays for dessert and then they watched My Little Pony before bed.

Grandma dropped off matching pajamas which Alex refused to wear because it wasn't a nightgown (though Kaitlin later convinced her to wear them).

And bedtime was a breeze too. As you can see...they fell fast asleep...and no, I did not use Benedryl!

This morning they slept in until after 8:00 (sigh of relief).

We enjoyed some breakfast and of course playing with all of Alex's toys. It's a shame my poor girl doesn't have enough things to play with.

And yes, Pepper too joined in on the action.


terilynnh2000 said...

Looks like so much fun! I don't care what anyone says, that Pepper is a cutie! :)

Jodie said...

So much fun! I love the matching jammies. Can Betty adopt us? :) I agree with Teri, that cat is a cutie!!

Becky said...

Oh my you have got one popular girl there! You are going to be having sleepovers every week now!

Wondering when you will find us said...

WOW....look's like they had a ball! What cuties!