Happy 4th of July

So I know it has been dry lately and we have needed rain for a couple of weeks now...but did we really need to get it all dumped on us in one day...and for the holiday? Geesh!

Although we never made it to the parade and the festival was mostly a bust, we did manage to get in a few hours of celebrating. Friends of ours came over for dinner. Alex turned into a wild banchee (sp?) chasing Emma around the house. Tyler just looked on like they were crazy. After dinner we got over to the sports park just as they were beginning to take down the inflatables. Luckily Alex was still able to have 3 or 4 turns on different ones before they put them down for the night. We then met up with my sisiter-in-law and the kids. All of the kids enjoyed playing around the field while singing and dancing with glow sticks. The best part of the evening was watching Emma and Alex as they watched the fireworks. The amazement on their faces was so refreshing. I guess it was a good day afterall!

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