Very Exciting Weekend

We have a very exciting weekend planned!

Tonight is the annual Valentine's Day Dance at Alex's school. She has been talking about it for weeks and looking forward to seeing her teacher and all of her friends. She is also excited to teach Cullen to dance, which should be interesting.

Then tomorrow is the big "date" and we are leaving BOTH kids for the WHOLE night!!! Party on! Shawn and I are meeting a group of people for dinner at Phillip's European Restaurant and then all heading to the Rascal Flatts concert together. Yes Joshua, make fun of us if you will. But we both love Rascal Flatts. We saw them back in 2006 as well and it was a great show!

So Alex will be joining my mom and Papa Steve and Grandma Marion. They have a dinner of steak, lobster and shrimp planned. Alex is super excited about the seafood.

And Cullen will be with my grandparents, Nanie and Poppy. They have been eager to have him for a night and have really wanted to take him to church with them one Sunday morning to show him off to all of their friends. So it worked out well.

And me....I think I may even sleep in!

So if I'm not on tomorrow, have a wonderful Valentine's Day. Hold those you love a bit closer and remember those who you can no longer hold physically on this side of heaven.

Love to all,


Heather said...

Oooh, we'll see you at the dance! Emma's date for the event is... Mr. Bear, who is ours for the break. Woo. :D

I LOVE Phillip's European - their lemon cake with the raspberry filling is amazing! Okay, all their desserts are amazing! And I bet the concert will be great, too! Enjoy your weekend! See you later!

Life with my BOYS! said...

ENJOY!!!! Ah, sleeping in, drinking a whole cup of coffee before it gets ice cold...just a wee jealous!! :)

Enjoy, you deserve time to be a couple!

terilynnh2000 said...

Oh Molly, how I relate as I sip on my COLD coffee this morning. :-)

We are soooo excited! Not sure which excites me more- Philip's or Rascal Flatts OR Jessica!!!

Flores said...

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