Travel Plans

Today is the day that our friends Jen and Shane finally leave for China! I can't even describe how happy I am for them. They left Tennessee at 6am this morning to head to Chicago, and will head from there to Bejing around 12:30 this afternoon. Neither one of them have ever flown. So this will will quite the experience in many ways. Please, please pray for their safety while traveling. If you are interested in following their journey while they are incountry, please visit here.

Also, the kids and I will be heading to Niagara Falls tomorrow to join Shawn, who left early this morning. I figured I would take off Alex's last day of winter break and we'd do something fun. And we plan to visit the indoor water park while there!

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Rebecca said...

How exciting for them. I will be praying for their safe travels and that all goes well for them. What a trip for your first time flying.

I hope the 4 of you have a good time in Niagara Falls.