Week in Review

Hmmm....let's see. It all started last Sunday about 7pm with a call from mother-in-law. She was frantic, but clear. Dad was bad. Send Shawn down NOW. I threw him his keys and he ran out of the house in sock feet. Mother-in-law thought this just might be "it". We all thought it might be. But once again, grandpa rallied and pulled through. And after a five day stay at Hotel General, grandpa is back home. Seems this is the new routine.

But the excitement didn't end there. Cullen has a never ending cold and Alex came down with her very first ear infection. After one completely sleepless night she was on meds and appeared on the mend. That is, until Thurs when her eyes started seeping with what looked like neon snot! Turns out, the antibiotic wasn't working and her ears were draining right in her eyes. EEEWWW! So another day home from school and another new med and they too started to cleared.

All was well and she was feeling better so we went to Booville at Darien Lake on Saturday. She had a great time, trick-or-treating, running through the maze and picking a pumpkin to paint. And then it happened. The hives. First with her face. Then neck, back and eventually her entire body. This isn't the first time that hay has caused such a reaction, but it doesn't always happen, which is puzzling. A security gaurd did mention that it was treated with a flame retardant, so perhaps that was the cause. In any case, she was one sorry looking little girl. Poor thing has been so uncomfortable. Fortunately though she is still symptomatic at times, the zyrtec and Benedryl seem to be keeping itching at bay. So now we realize that ontact with hay is simply off limits for her.

Despite our little run in with the contaminent, we were able to have a nice day. Here are a few pics.


Missy said...

Poor little kiddos! Mattie just had a MAJOR reaction to her antibiotics. Same red itchy hives covering her whole body. She ended up needing steroid meds. Are you sure Alex's reaction wasn't from an antibiotic?

Brent & Jodie said...

Poor little sweeties! I too have issues with hay so I can totally relate to Alex. I hope it clears up quickly! How is Cullen feeling? How are you?

Wondering when you will find us said...

Awww! Hope the kid's are feeling better!Looks like they had fun!You must be getting excited for Disney! :)

Colette said...

OMG! What a week! Glad to hear everything is on the mend! I told Jeff about the eye thing and waid Ewwwww... That is what I was thinking too! Yikes...I have a terrible allergy to Hay...I was on a Hay ride at Indiana University at a Phrat Party, in the middle of no where when it happened...I looked like something from the Star Wars movies! Not very attractive! Needless to say...I was alone that night! LOL Cullen is very cute!

Rebecca said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon. It looks like there was a lot of fun before the hives. I didn't know Darien Lake did that.