Poor Honey

Poor littel girl. After being healthy all fall and winter, Alex started with a cold the day we brought Cullen home...go figure! So far it has been a tolerable run of the mill cold. Nothing serious enough to keep her down. Until yesterday. She stayed home from school because she looked like she felt terrible. Then last night she was up screaming and crying with a fever and relentless cough. So we pretty much got no sleep. Between Cullen and his feedings and Alex fussing, I was glad to see morning. Until morning actually came. And with it came throwing up. Now she can't stop from coughing and throws up whenever she starts. Daddy is on his way home from work, because he is now feeling sick too. I just pray the baby doesn't catch it. I think he and I would be better off in a hotel tonight!

Ok, off to wash every linen in my house....and then the rugs after that. Life is grand :-)


Paulette said...

There are some mean bugs out there right now.... Surely hope Alex and DH feel better soon and that these bugs leave you and the baby alone!!

Julie said...

Aww, There are some bad bugs out there! Poor Alex. Hope everyone's back to health soon!