Off the Waiting List

I received a call with great news today. Something we have been hoping for. Alex made it off the waiting list for the Autumn Lane preschool program! Since we moved to the district too late to have her start in September, she has been on a waiting list. I had little hope she would make it in this school year. But she did!

This is such great news for her. She has really missed being involved in a program. She misses the kids and activities. She is so ready fo this. It is 5 days a week (mornings) and will be a great transition into all day kindergarden in the Fall. This also means that mom doesn't have to drive to Nanie's each morning in Webster...which will save me nearly an hour commute in the morning and again in the afternoon. Just think of all the gas we'll save!

The only downfall is that she will be leaving Nanie's (my grandmothers) where she has been since she was 8 weeks old. She is my grandparents' lives and although this is going to kill them...they know that this is a very good thing for Alex.

So tonight we went out backpack shopping. She didn't find what she wanted and was really hoping for Scooby Doo backpack. And thanks to Amazon, this one will arrive in a few days along with the matching lunch bag.


Jen said...

Hooray for Alex! I know she'll have a great time. I feel so sad for those fabulous grandparents of hers, though! They are certainly going to miss her.

terilynnh2000 said...

All of these bittersweet moments! You make sure those teachers take good care of our YaYa! :) SO happy for her (and you). What a BIG girl!!!!

Paulette said...

What a fun time for Alex.. she'll have a blast! Sh'll have to work special visits to her Nanie's into her social calendar!!