1st day of Preschool

More preschool pics can be found on Shutterfly.


wsweden said...

I LOVE your scrapbook pages. You have gotten so good at digital scrapbooking. It makes me want to give up the old fashioned books I have. Have you printed any pages yet?

Alex looks so adorable. It is so great she gets to ride to school with her cousin. It must make you feel a little better, too! Go Alex!

I am MyKidsMom! said...

Thank you. I actually just redid all my profile pages digitally. I hope to get them printed this week. I will let you know how they turn out.

wsweden said...

I looked at your new profile. It looks beautiful! I really like the new look.
What program are you using?

Mob said...

How cute she is, I love the way you did the collage.