We've Arrived

Whether it is success or an event taking place, I think everyone has a little place in which they measure life. I have a friend who felt that way about a car. To her X car would mean that she had arrived.

I am no different. I had that little thing in which I measured my life. The point at which I'd know that I "had arrived". That life was exactly where I would want it to be. As you can probably guess, it wouldn't come from career success or making oodles of money. It was the place in which I would feel whole. The point where my life was full and complete. And that, of course, occured with the arrival of our son.

Which brings me to a far less profound achievement. Pottery Barn Kids Christmas Stockings. Although I have had my eye on them for years. It never felt right. To me that stocking said, I'd arrived. But I hadn't. And one day when I had, I would buy a PAIR of them. Get them embroidered. The whole shabang. So here they are for their holiday debut.

My family, my heart and my holiday is now complete!


Jen said...

That is so sweet... and I just have to say that I have PBK stockings for our two kiddos! When we bought them for H's first Christmas, I went ahead and bought a second one for the other child I knew I wanted. Then when we decided to start this adoption, I had it embroidered... it's been waiting for ever so long, and now I think I will hang Emma's up this year.

Love your photos!

sheila said...

I also arrived and bought the stockings this year and bought an extra one hoping someday Evan has a sibling. Enjoy your wonderful blessings this year. Ten months later I still can't believe we are parents!