Welcome Ye Gui Xing

Deep breath Sue, deep breath. I am just so tickled that I can't even wait until tonight to post! After a nearly three year wait, our dear friends in Tennessee have received their referral from China!!!!

So far, they have only received a few pieces of info....
Name: Ye Gui Xing
DOB: 3/5/08 (9 months old)
Province: Guangxi

Today at 4pm (3pm Eastern) they meet with their social worker to review her medical records and get to see a photo of their sweet baby girl, whom they will call Emma.

And hello?????? Did you see her DOB!!!! That has been the talk since March. How close in age would Emma be to Cullen (and Ellie). How is it possible that all three babies were born within a week of each other! So the "twins" have now become triplets. What fun we will have next July getting the three babies together along with their three big sisters!

I will post a photo and updates as they come in, but for those interested in following their journey, Jen's blog can be found here.

And this is for you Emma. After living in the hearts and minds of so many for so long, we all join together in sending you many Merry Christmas wishes from around the world. You'll be home soon sweet girl. Very soon.


Jen said...

Awww!!!! You know you have my sister crying, right? Every little new piece of information I tell her sets her off. :0) I will update you after our meeting!!!

I did find out that her name is pronounced something like...
Gway Sheeng or Gwee Sheeng, but the sh is tricky from what I've heard, not quite like ours. They may call her Xing Xing!

I am just so happy! Thank you for being so happy for us!

Brent & Jodie said...

OH I am so happy for Jen and her family. Praise God! Such an amazing Christmas gift!!

Jeana Hayes said...

What a wonderful christmas gift! Adoption is the most wonderful thing. I am excited and I have never meet them. Do you think Teri and you could talk my sister into adoption?

Jen said...

Hey, it's me again! I just "borrowed" your lovely map of China, and wanted to tell you so when you see it on my blog at some point you will know about my crime ahead of time! :0)

Alison Collins said...

OH I am so happy for Jen and her family. Praise God! Such an amazing Christmas gift!!