Of Snow, RSV and Firemen

Boy did we get dumped on today! We probably only got a foot, but it sure made traveling trechorous. As they were calling for this storm for a few days now, I caved and gave Shawn an early Christmas present. Well, I guess it wasn't so much the present I gave him, but the permission to go out and buy it. A snowblower that is. The most practical holiday gift for a man living in the North!

This past week has also brought more cooties. Alex caught a cold last week, and of course shared with her brother. Which is nothing new really. They have both battled colds on and off since Sept. But Cullen's breathing was concerning me a bit (rapid and very congested). So after numerous calls to the doctors last night, they suggested he be seen this morning.

Problem being, I work in the energy industry. And Mother Nature is being very, very cruel these days. I buy and schedule natural gas for customers all throughout NY state. Simple enough on an average day, but not so simple when your entire state is under an urgent weather warning. It was a zoo. Phones ringing, e-mails flying and text messages coming in one right after another. Every alert requiring action and expecting your undivided attention. What they didn't understand was that my attention was back home at grandma's house. Where my boy was needing his Momma, and where this Momma was needing her boy.

So I hit the road at 12:30. And everyone knows that I burn rubber each night getting home to my kids. But today, 20 MPH seemed to be the max speed. As much as I love my new Town & Country (thank you honey), I am so missing the 4 wheel drive on my Trailblazer! The roads were horrific. But we had to make a 2:10 doc appt. And we did. Barely. And it appears my boy has a touch of RSV. Poor, poor honey. But you know Cullen, he is a trooper. Just as happy and content as ever.

So on the way home from the docs, I stop to get gas. $10 worth. Because any more surely would have led to frostbite. At that point, the snow and wind was whipping sideways. Did I mention having to repeatedly pull over and clean the ice off my wipers. With no gloves. So fun. By the time I got back to my mother-in-law's (where Alex had just gotten off the schoolbus), I was just beginning to thaw.

Their plow guy had just arrived to clear the driveway so I parked on the street. Pretty much the middle of the street. I got out to run to the door and get Alex and realized that my car was locked. Running. With Cullen inside. Of course we didn't have another set. Shawn could have sent one of his guys from work, but in this weather it would take them over an hour. So a quick call to 911 and the firemen were dispatched. Meanwhile, I stood outside in the middle of the road, freezing, and making silly faces through the window at Cullen to keep him amuzed. Even though I nearly had tears in my eyes from the shards of ice flying 25 miles an hour into my frozen face! But alas, the heros arrived and van was promptly opened. I hope my brother-in-law wasn't working today to hear that call come. He surely wouldn't be surprised though.

And if you are hoping that is where the drama ends. Thankfully, it does. We are finally home. Safe and warm. And hopefully Cullen will be on the mend quickly as tomorrow is a very big day. The Family Christmas Party!


Brent & Jodie said...

Oh my goodness, what a crazy day you had! I am so sorry for Cullen. Here's hoping he feels better soon. I am sure Shawn loves his new snowblower. And congrats on your new van, I had no idea. :)

Life with my BOYS! said...

Phew! Talk about a crazy day, but you are right that driving and road condition was crazy yesterday! I hope that Cullen is doing better today~not a fun virus to have. Enjoy your Christmas looks like you are squeezing it in between the last snow and the next predicted for tomorrow!

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh, what a day! I bet you were glad when it was over. I'm sure Shawn was manning the snow blower all weekend. Looks like he's going to make good use of it this winter!