That Little Stinker

You know how every child goes through stages. Stages where they won't eat. Won't listen. Or won't sleep. It seems that Alex is going through one of those "won't sleep" phases. With the doing away of naps and all the fresh air and outdoor play, you'd think by the end of the day, she'd be whipped. Nope. Not by a long shot. Lately going to bed has been a two and sometimes three hour project. We hear every excuse including: I need to go potty, I need a drink, it's morning, I'm sick and need to throw up, I need zyrtec for my allergies, these jammies are scratchy, I'm not sleepy, etc... And not only has she been not falling asleep, but I wake to find her breathing over me or wandering the house in the middle of the night.

Well last night at 11:15 and after putting her to bed for the umpteenth time, I decided to check on her again only to find her room a bit stinky. She proudly and with a smile announced that she peed her bed and it looked like she was going to have to sleep in my bed after all. That little rat! She thought she outsmarted me, but had forgotten that underneath her bed lies a trundle to which I promptly placed her in. Grrrrr...that child!

I have to admit though, she is the queen of forethought. As a toddler she would hide things like make-up and nailpolish in her bed. Later at night I would go into to check on her only to find that she had painted her nails (and sheets) in the dark.

So please God let her sleep tonight....I'm so tired and almost fell asleep at work today. This Momma needs some uninterrupted shut-eye!


Jodie said...

Oh, she is a smart one!! I love it! What a little stink. Sounds like something I will have to deal with in a couple of years from Emma. I'll remember to call you when it happens so you can give me advice and support. :)

Michelle said...

Too funny! She's pretty clever, but you seem to be too. I think she's met her match!

MyKidsMom said...

Although it was another late one, at least she stayed in bed all night! Thank heavens for small miracles.

terilynnh2000 said...

She is such a smartie pants! Here's to hoping tonight goes better!!! xoxo

Wondering when you will find us said...

Wow.....kid's are smarter than we think! haha!