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After further reflecting on yesterday, I thought I would pull out a piece I wrote last year on "openness". It was neat to go back and read. And it is true, today I have a sense that our lives are more complete...that a missing piece has been located. If that is also the realization that Alex experiences one day, then it is all worth it!

I added a link over to the left under Sue's Writings.

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Dana said...

Wow, that is a great piece! I have had an open adoption with Jacobs BM - we met when he was 3 months old but in the mean time I wondered how she was doing, was she grieving, was she ok etc...I am really glad that we meet about every 4 months. She is pregnant with twins due next month, so I think she will be too busy to meet with us for a while but I hope she writes and sends pictures of Jacobs new siblings! There is no BF in the picture, though. Dana