When Dad's Away

When dad's away, it mom's turn to play!

I stood in the doorway the other night and watched as Shawn walked down the road with the kids, everyone full of excitement. Was I envious of him that I was to stay back to perform the glorious task of washing dishes while they enjoyed an evening walk? No. I basked in the beauty of it actually. Not only did I have a few minutes of peace and quiet, but I just love watching my husband with our children. He is such a fantastic dad. I love how their faces light up each night when he comes home and how he literally drops everything at the door to be with them.

But last night was my turn. Daddy was in Niagara, so I was flying solo. Instead of doing dinner dishes, we decided to go for a relaxing and peaceful walk and enjoy the mild temps of early Spring.

When Shawn called, he wondered why I was out of breath. Um, perhaps it was from trying to answer all of the obsurd questions from one precocious and inquisitive 5 year old, while trying to chase said daughter as she wildly pushed her brother in his car, at the same time struggling to manitain control over one unruly alpha male golden retriever. This life of mine is many things, but relaxing certainly doesn't make the list!

You can come home now, Shawn!


Rebecca said...

I'm tired just thinking about it!

Emily Brown said...

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