Too Mad to Even Care

Ya know, this vacation started out pretty crappy, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that it ended that way too. All WAS well. Until I got home, that is.

I don't post things that I don't mind people reading. So I had intended to keep this little thing private. But ya know what? I am too pissed to even care! I don't care who knows. And I don't care who I offend. I just need to get this off of my chest before I explode and literally go postal on someone. And anyone who knows me knows that this is pretty out of character for me. I am pretty tolerant. I am patient and forgiving. But push me too far. And watch out. It's over.

I trusted someone. I trusted them with my house and with my pet. And they violated that. They violated me. And that hurts. Bad. Really bad.

I didn't expect to come home and find my house in pristine condition. Heck, I didn't leave it that way anyways. But what I came home to was unexcusable. I am not even sure where to start.

Maybe it is in the downstairs bathroom where all of my scrapbooking stuff was mysteriously placed. And where green toothpaste covered the entire sink. Or the brown milk shake looking substance that was all over my toilet and floor. No, the kicker there was actually my husband's electric razor that was used, left out and all of the hair all over the bathroom. Bad in itself, but worse since the razor was actually located under my bedroom sink upstairs.

But let's move to the kitchen. The microwave looked like a dozen burritos exploded in it. The sink was PILED with dishes and pans that had days worth of crusted on food. The dishwasher had so many dirty dishes in it that I actually had to unload half to run it. Oh and tonight making dinner, we find that half the plates in the cupboard have melted cheese and other food products clearly covering them. My Yankee candles were used. Totally used, as in gone. As was all of the aim-a-flame that lights them. I know. Boys apparently like fire. And who knows why. But things were taken off of the walls and put in the pantry.

The stereos and alarms clocks were all moved down stairs into various rooms, assumedly so everyone could hear the music. Which obviously worked as multiple neighbors commented to us about it upon our return.

The upstairs bathroom was similar to the downstairs except with an added treat. A stench that I can only describe as a decomposing animal on a hot day. Upon closer inspection, I discover it coming from a week's worth of wet towels all balled up and shoved in a corner between the plastic shower curtain and the decorative cotton one. Nice. Couldn't find the laundry shute?

My bedroom contained dishes. And mulitple empty boxes of cereal. I found a lighter at the foot of my bed. Which was particularly infuriating, because I have a small child who often plays in that very spot. Various articles of dirty laundry continue to be found in my bedroom. And then tonight I find a 6" KNIFE in MY CLOSET. My freaking bedroom closet. Can anyone tell me what right a person has to be in another person's bedroom closet! I feel violated and disrespected on so many levels. But don't worry. There is still much more.

When I say I have nothing to eat in my house, that usually means a family of four could comfortable survive for about 2 weeks. But just in case, I left a Wegmans gift card to pick up some favorite treats. Well, when I say we came home to no food. I really mean that. Nothing! It may have appeared that there was a few things, but alas even those boxes were empty. There was not a crumb of the 5 or 6 boxes of cereal left. No bread. No snack. NOTHING for Alex's breakfast. She had the only thing left in the house for breakfast. A can of clam chowder soup. Nice. Thanks for at least leaving her that. I had piles and piles of school snacks before we left and not a single one left for her lunch today. And Alex's Halloween candy that I SPECIFICALLY asked for some to be saved. Gone. All of it. Which means she had not a single piece of her own candy. Wow, that's super considerate. Hope it was good.

And apparently it was a make-shift fraternity house as numerous people were in and out all week. All day. And into the night. Another complaint from neighbors. One neighbor specifically commented on the loud vulgarity coming from the front porch on numerous nights. After one particularly troubling night, one neighbor even came over to introduce himeslf and asked to speak with the individual we left in charge. That was hard to do though since he wasn't even home. Which meant that people that I have never met were in my house unattended. What the heck was he thinking?

And the dog. You know, the reason for having someone at the house in the first place. Sounds like he was either outside in the kennel (even when no one was home) or left in the basement the whole time. And from the "presents" left in the basement, he oviously was not let out as he should have been. Just what one wants to contend with upon returning home from vacation.

Oh and upon confronting the individual, the only thing he could explain was a pole that was hit on out street by one of his buddies. What??????

Again, I am really sorry to post this here. Maybe I shouldn't be. But I swear I will go crazy if I don't. This is my space. My place to vent. And I really needed to do this tonight. Hopefully tomorrow I will be a bit better able to put this behind me. But not today. Definitely not today.


Paulette said...

Oh Sue, I feel so deeply for what you have endured. We had one bad sitter, but not near to the degree that you have been violated. We hope (dare) to have standards that entrust people to care almost as much as we do and then this type of stuff happens. I am so sorry and you have all rights to feel the way you do. So very sorry.

Heather said...

Oh Sue, that is so, so, so horrible!!! I can't even begin to imagine - my goodness!!!

If you want, we have significant amounts of Halloween candy left over - I can give you some for Alex. I'm sure Em would be happy to share with her!!

Jensboys said...

I am so, so, so sorry on your behalf. Its so lacking in respect and manners and even just decency. Can you disown him? :) or at least go to his parents, or extended family and ask for support. He could pay for a cleaning service? A grocery fee? Write a letter of apology to the neighbours.

Alison said...

OH My God! Sue - that is just inexcusable! I would feel the same as you. The thing that gets me is that he didn't even have the decency to clean up after these parties or whatever (the parties were bad enough! but still!!!) I would defintiely take some sort of action. I am so sorry you had to return to this situation and my heart breaks for your doggie! Poor thing! HUGS

Jen said...

Oh, I can not even imagine returning to what you're describing. The knife and the lighter are still getting to me! GRRRRR!

How I wish we were neighbors... we have a basket full of candy still, and we'd love to share!

Colette said...

Sue...I am so sorry that this happened to you! How terrible to come home to that. I am so sorry...you have EVERY right to be pissed and to vent where you want! Oh boy...I don't even know what to say but I am sorry! Hugs

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh! I cannot even imagine comming home to such a scene. You're supposed to feel happy to be home. It's awful when you feel like you can trust someone and they do something like this. I'm sooo sorry this happened.

Brent & Jodie said...

OH MY GOSH! I don't even know what to say. Well, I have words but they are not polite enough to post here. I am so angry on your behalf that I could just yell. What an absolute nightmare.

kwr221 said...

okay, so FeedJit has this new Blogosphere thing, so off course, I had to follow the links, so here I am. As an aside, I know Heather and I live i Fairport. :::waving::: hi

anyway, what a sucky story! Was this housesitter a neighbor or "friend"? Can you unleash your fury on them or did you need to be polite? Or worse, are you related?

I hope you didn;t pay him/them.

Life with my BOYS! said...

Sue~I am speechless, which is something that doesn't often happen with me~as you know! What on earth was happening with a knife in your CLOSET??? I can not even imagine how you did not completely lose your mind on this individual, friend, relative or anything else!

I hope you are more at "peace" tonight being able to vent and I say vent away this is your forum! I am so sorry you had to endure this torture!

kwr221 said...

So, who's going to house sit?

sorry, couldn't resist,

kwr221 said...

crap, that cpmment was supposed to be on the new post

Sue said...

Lol, we will be leaving the dog with my inlaws next time and having the neighbors keep an eye on our house. Ya live and learn.

StacyB<>< said...

Okay - I also ended up here via Feedjit's new blogosphere thing...

and I am horrified to read what happened to you and your family. That is a tragedy. I hope the individual that was left in charge has grown remorseful and seeks to offer you some sort of restitution. [I have no idea what could make up for neglecting the dog.]

Praise God you didn't ask him to BABYSIT!


M, G, and AJ said...

Oh my goodness, Sue! That is just horrific. I think the part that bothers me the most is the half-covered up mess. If he knew it was so bad, he should have just met you at the door, head hung low. Instead, it sounds like the mess was just pushed around as if you wouldn't notice anything was out of place. I'm so, so sorry that your trip ended on such a bad note! I like another commenter's idea to make him pay for a cleaning service.