2 Much Fun 2 Blog

Sorry guys.  Busy having too much fun and no time to blog.  Uploaded hundreds of pics so far. I know, surprising!  Will be going through all of the photos when we return and I will try to condense them into albums at each of the parks.  The kids have been great and we have had so much fun in the last week!

So far we've made it to Magic Kingdom, Downtown Disney, Hollywood Studios and Blizzard Beach.  Tonight is Epcot and then likely the rest at Magic Kingdom.  To Alex, Disney World is considered Magic Kingdom.  Cullen has been so good, even for cutting THREE TEETH in the the last week.  He loves the music, character greetings and swimming.  Alex's favorite phrase is "Fast Pass".  Another surprise, I know.  Her only regret is not making the 48" rides.  The child will ride anything.  This, coming from a child who is afraid of buttons (?) is just baffling.

Hope all are well.  We'll catch back up in a few days :-)


Brent & Jodie said...

We miss you but we are sooo glad you are having fun and on the med from all your illnesses. Have a wonderful time. Can't wait to see the hundreds of pictures!!

Heather said...

Woo-hoo! Glad you are having a WONDERFUL time at the parks! Can't wait to see all the pictures!

Heather said...

Oh and PS - just so you're warned: a letter came home from the nurse today saying that strep was found in the classroom and all the accompanying info about what to look for with strep.

So, new germs a'brewing - you might just want to stay in the Magic Kingdom for another week or three! LOL!

Life with my BOYS! said...

Glad to hear that you are enjoying yourselves!!! Enjoy the rest of your week...looks like Alex is over the moon happy in that big princess chair!

Jen said...

Look at all those nice comments... and all I've got to say is... You're leaving me with ONE picture at the moment? ONE? You have got to be kidding me. That is just a teaser, right???

Okay, seriously, that photo is adorable. I bet Allie really enjoyed getting all dressed up! And I'm so glad that Cullen is enjoying himself as well. 3 TEETH??!!

Can't wait for more info. and photos. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Love ya!

Rebecca said...

Glad you're having such a good time. Alex looks sooo happy. I can imagine the thrill you must get from seeing her have such a wonderful time! Can't wait to see more pics.

Debbie B said...

So glad you're having a good time.

Wondering when you will find us said...

Looks like so much fun! Can't wait to see more pics!

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