I just can't help myself....

I've already been searching for ideas for Cullen's "Big Boy Room". Premature, maybe. But it will be here before I know it and in true Sue fashion....I want to be prepared. So I have had my eye on this darling set at Pottery Barn Kids. It is exactly what I would want. Simple, yet colorful and oh so "little boy". I have been watching it for a month or so and just noticed the first item become unavaialble. And I just can't take the chance of missing out on getting it! So since I worked some extra "call" in September, I am allowing myself the splurge!

Tonight, after work we'll take a trip to Pottery Barn Kids and I get to buy the Quilt, Sham and Sheet Set. This so incredibly foreign to be me. I will actually be paying FULL price. I don't pay full price for anything. But I MUST have it!!!

In other news, Lily and Family are doing beautifully. The little stinker has to be woken up at night to eat or she would sleep straight through. That is just wrong. My 6 month old is just now sleeping through the night!

Also, Grandpa was released from the hospital yesterday. The good news is that he is home. The bad news is that he has some additional health challenges to contend with now on top of everything else. He should get into a specialist soon and hopefully being around the family will help lift his spirits.

Shawn is back from Chicago, YAY!

Next week is Finaliziation, even bigger YAY!!! Shawn will be flying to San Antonio, TX on Wed for a Thur court appearance.

Alex is doing well in school. Kindergarten is a lot of work and she is coming home exhausted each night! She also earned her blue belt a few weeks ago and she is super psyched about that. Her new goal is not only to earn a black belt, but to then make the Demo Team. You go baby! Reach for the stars!!!


terilynnh2000 said...

I KNEW IT! OMG I know you too well. I came to your blog with this gut feeling that you would have that beautiful bedding posted. Love it! Hope it was in stock- hey wasn't it internet exclusive??

Rebecca said...

I just love that one. Cullen is going to be very happy in his big boy room when the time comes.

Life with my BOYS! said...

Happy shopping!