The Eve

Supplies are bought. Clothes are laid out. Book bag is packed. Lunch is made.

Sounds like I am ready.

I should be ready.

I've have known for 5 years that this day would come.

But I am just not.

On this very important eve, I laid my baby boy in his crib. And rememberd back to the day my precious baby girl slept in that very spot. Her long fingers peeking through the sleeves of her rosebud jammies. I can still smell the scent of her just after her bath. I can hear the babbles that call out from her crib. The laughter. The smile. Where did the time go. It was too quick. I find myself pleading with God to turn back the hands of time.

But life doesn't work that way. She is ready. And I need to be too. I want to be ok with this. I really do. But it hurts. Every day I can see her slip further and further away from the baby she was and into the young woman she will one day become.

That's the obvious progression.

It's what is supposed to happen, right.

Then why is it so hard?


Missy said...

I'm with you! It all happens SO fast! I always tell the girls that they are not allowed to grow up anymore, but they don't listen. It is hard!

Jeana Hayes said...

How time goes by so fast we must enjoy the moment!
Hope you are not to sad.

Rebecca said...

I'm realizing more and more how quickly time goes. I hope her first day of school was a happy one for all of you.

terilynnh2000 said...

Well said, Sue. Well, said.

Wondering when you will find us said...

Awww! Hope she loved her first day!